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CategoryHas entry formHas drilldown linkHas query pageHas query formCategory description
802dot11 device NOS802dot11 device NOSany device with 802.11 capability w/ no other applicable template
Computer peripheral NOSPeripheral NOSany computer peripheral not specified by another category / form
Ethernet adapterEthernet adapterperipheral conferring 802.3 support
Ethernet switchEthernet switchdedicated stand-alone Ethernet switch
FCC ID entry item NOSFCC ID entry item NOSany device with a FCC ID not otherwise specified by another form
Hard disk driveHard disk drivestorage devices using rotating magnetic platters
Mobile general-purpose computer (non-PC)Mobile general-purpose computer (non-PC)RunQuery/MGPC NPC queryMGPC NPC querymobile general purpose computers (smartphones, tablets, etc)
Portable personal computerPortable personal computerRunQuery/PPC queryPPC queryportable personal computer (Notebooks, Ultrabooks, etc)
SoCSoCRunQuery/SoCSoC querySystem-on-Chip
Solid-state driveSolid-state drivestorage devices using solid-state memory, non-USB
USB hubUSB hubstand-alone USB hubs
Wired embedded systemWired embedded systemRunQuery/Embedded system queryEmbedded system queryembedded systems, generally with at least Ethernet support (routers, print servers, modems, etc
Wireless adapterWireless adapterRunQuery/Wireless adapter queryWireless adapter query802dot11 wireless adapter, generally as a computer peripheral
Wireless embedded systemWireless embedded systemRunQuery/Embedded system queryEmbedded system queryembedded systems, generally with 802dot11 support (routers, APs, AIO broadband gateways, etc)

Query-only forms

PropertyHas query pageHas query formQuery form description
OUI (global)RunQuery/OUI queryOUI queryreverse lookup of devices via their MAC address' OUI (or other attributes)