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User:M86/Receiver sensitivity table

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Much of this information may be inaccurate, depending on the source (and other factors). Take it with a grain of salt.

Theoretical receiver sensitivity (dBm):

  • 1M=-104.5
  • 2M=-101.5
  • 5.5M=-97
  • 11M=-94
  • 802.11g/802.11a:
  • 6M=-97 (1RX stream), -100 (2RX streams)
  • 9M=-96 (1RX), -99 (2RX)
  • 12M=-94, -97
  • 18M=-92, -95
  • 24M=-89, -92
  • 36M=-85, -88
  • 48M=-81, -84
  • 54M=-80, -83


  • frame length = 1000 octets
  • PER = 0.1
  • Noise Figure = 0 dB
  • Implementation margin: 0dB


  • The difference in sensitivity between PER=0.08 (BER=1.05e-5) and PER=0.1 (BER=1.32e-5) is 0.11dB (not significant).
  • For practically achievable sensitivity, add 2-3 dB to the numbers above (1-2dB for front-end filter loss and 1-2dB for LNA noise figure)
  • The 802.11 acceptance test limits are 15 dB above the theoretical limits (see section - Receiver minimum input sensitivity)

Wireless adapters[edit]


 All PHY modesInterfaceCh1 brandCh1 modelCh2 modelNFO6M9M12M18M24M36M48M54MRF conn.FCC date
ALFA Network AWUS051NH v1abgnUSBRalinkRT2770RT2750-93 dBm-78 dBmRP-SMA2009-11-22
Agere PC50E-8-FC/AaPCMCIA (32-bit)AtherosAR5210AR5110-85 dBm-84 dBm-83 dBm-81 dBm-78 dBm-74 dBm-69 dBm-65 dBmMMCX2002-08-09
Compex WLE900N5an+acMini PCIe (oversized)Qualcomm AtherosQCA9880-94 dBm-94 dBm-94 dBm-92 dBm-89 dBm-86 dBm-82 dBm-80 dBmMMCX
Compex WLE900N5-18an+acMini PCIeQualcomm AtherosQCA9880 v2-94 dBm-94 dBm-94 dBm-92 dBm-89 dBm-86 dBm-82 dBm-80 dBmU.FL
Compex WLE900N5-20an+acMini PCIe (oversized)Qualcomm AtherosQCA9880 v2-94 dBm-94 dBm-94 dBm-92 dBm-89 dBm-86 dBm-82 dBm-80 dBmMMCX
Compex WLE900V5-18an+acMini PCIeQualcomm AtherosQCA9880 v2-94 dBm-94 dBm-94 dBm-92 dBm-89 dBm-86 dBm-82 dBm-80 dBmU.FL
Compex WLU108AG-MCabgUSBAtherosAR5523AR5112-95 dBm-72 dBmMC2008-02-01
EnGenius EUB-862abgUSBAtherosAR5523AR5112-89 dBm-72 dBmnone specified2005-10-25
EnGenius EUB-862 EXT2abgUSBAtherosAR5523AR5112-90 dBm-73 dBmRP-SMA2005-10-25
Enterasys RBTBH-R2WabgPCMCIA (16-bit)AgereWL60040-85 dBm-79 dBm-68 dBmMC2004-09-27
OvisLink AirLive X.USBabgnUSBAtherosAR9170AR9104-92 dBmRP-SMA
Qualcomm 65-VF320-P2abgnMini PCI (long)QualcommWFB4030WFR4031PER = 0.10-95.5 dBm-94 dBm-92.5 dBm-90 dBm-88 dBm-85.5 dBm-82.5 dBm-80 dBmU.FL2008-01-18
Qualcomm 65-VF438-P2abgnUSBQualcommWFB4130WFR4031PER = 0.10-95.5 dBm-94 dBm-92.5 dBm-90 dBm-88 dBm-85.5 dBm-82.5 dBm-80 dBmnone specified2008-01-30
Rosewill RNX-N600UBE v1abgnUSBRalinkRT3572PER = 0.10-88 dBm-68 dBmRP-SMA
Ubiquiti Networks SR5aMini PCIAtherosAR5213AAR5112A-94 dBm-93 dBm-91 dBm-90 dBm-86 dBm-83 dBm-77 dBm-74 dBmMMCX2005-05-25
Ubiquiti Networks SR71-AabgnMini PCIAtherosAR9160AR9106-96 dBm-95 dBm-94 dBm-91 dBmMMCX2008-07-17
Ubiquiti Networks SRCabgPCMCIA (32-bit)AtherosAR5213AR5112-94 dBm-93 dBm-91 dBm-90 dBm-86 dBm-83 dBm-77 dBm-74 dBmMMCX2005-09-29
Ubiquiti Networks XR5aMini PCIAtherosAR5414-94 dBm-93 dBm-91 dBm-90 dBm-86 dBm-83 dBm-77 dBm-74 dBmMMCX2007-02-16
Wistron NeWeb CM9abgMini PCIAtherosAR5213AR5112A-88 dBm-87 dBm-85 dBm-83 dBm-80 dBm-75 dBm-73 dBm-71 dBmnone specified2004-06-15


 All PHY modesInterfaceCh1 brandCh1 modelCh2 modelNFO1M2M5.5M11MRF conn.FCC date
3Com 3CRWE254G72bgUSBIntersilISL3880-88 dBm-86 dBm-84 dBm-82 dBmnone specified2003-12-09
3Com OfficeConnect 3CRWE154G72 v1bgPCMCIA (32-bit)IntersilISL3880ISL3686A-89.9 dBm-89.9 dBm-88.8 dBm-82.8 dBmnone specified2003-06-10
ALFA Network AWUS036HbgUSBRealtekRTL8187LRTL8225PER < 0.08, nominal temps-96 dBm-91 dBmRP-SMA2007-04-30
ALFA Network AWUS051NH v1abgnUSBRalinkRT2770RT2750-91 dBmRP-SMA2009-11-22
Airgo AGN0912AR-01bg+TrueMIMOMini PCI (long)AirgoAGN113BBAGN100RFPER = 0.08-102.5 dBm-101.5 dBm-100.5 dBm-97.5 dBmU.FL2005-07-22
Airgo AGN0922AR-01bg+TrueMIMOMini PCI (long)AirgoAGN102BBPER = 0.08-102.5 dBm-101.5 dBm-100.5 dBm-97.5 dBmU.FL2005-07-22
Airlink+ AWLH1201bPCIRealtekRTL8180LSA2400APER = 0.08-87 dBm-80 dBmRP-SMA2003-06-03
Broadcom BCM94301CBbPCMCIA (32-bit)BroadcomBCM4301BCM2051PER = 0.08-94 dBm-91 dBm-88 dBm-85 dBmunknown2002-11-26
Broadcom BCM94301MPbMini PCIBroadcomBCM4301BCM2051PER = 0.08-92 dBm-90 dBm-88 dBm-85 dBmU.FL2002-08-23
Cisco AIR-LMC352bPCMCIA (16-bit)Cisco08-0458-01HFA3863-94 dBm-91 dBm-89 dBm-85 dBmMMCX2000-10-27
Cisco AIR-PCM352bPCMCIA (16-bit)Cisco-94 dBm-91 dBm-89 dBm-85 dBmnone specified2000-10-27
Compex WLU108AG-MCabgUSBAtherosAR5523AR5112-92 dBmMC2008-02-01
D-Link DWL-G520ibgPCIIntel82532RGEPER = 0.08-89 dBm-86 dBm-85 dBm-82 dBmU.FL2004-04-19
EnGenius EUB-362 EXTbgUSBAtherosAR5523AR2112-96 dBm-91 dBmRP-SMA2005-10-26
EnGenius EUB-862abgUSBAtherosAR5523AR5112-96 dBm-91 dBmnone specified2005-10-25
EnGenius EUB-862 EXT2abgUSBAtherosAR5523AR5112-96 dBm-91 dBmRP-SMA2005-10-25
EnGenius EUB9603HbgnUSBRealtekRTL8188SU-90 dBmRP-SMA2010-03-01
Gemtek WMIO-164GbgMini PCI (long)Airgo-86 dBmnone specified
HP BOISB-0410-00bgmodule (SPI)Marvell88W838588W8010PER = 0.08-80 dBmnone2005-01-25
HP RSVLD-0707 (1150-7931)bgUSB (non-standard connector)AtherosAR2524AR2124-91 dBm-87 dBm-87 dBm-84 dBmnone2008-01-25
Hawking HWUG1bgUSBRalinkRT2571W-83 dBmRP-SMA2006-08-09
Intersil ISL37300UbUSBIntersilISL3685PER = 0.08-92 dBm-90 dBm-87 dBm-84 dBmnone specified2001-09-06
JJPlus ExpandarMax9 (NR25UA5)abgnUSBRalinkRT2770RT2750-87 dBmRP-SMA
L-com WLAN-LCUSB2458abgnUSBRalink-85 dBmRP-SMA
Lucent WaveLAN/IEEE Bronzelegacy (DSSS)PCMCIA (16-bit)LucentHERMES ITHESEUS M-93 dBm-90 dBmMC1998-03-30
MSI PC11B (MS-6807)bPCIBroadcomBCM4301BCM2051-82 dBmRP-SMA2003-05-13
Metalink MtW mPCI DB 003abgnMini PCIMetalinkMtW8171MtW8151PER < 0.10-85 dBmU.FL2008-09-25
Netronix W420bgUSBRealtekRTL8187LRTL8225PER = 0.08-92 dBm-86 dBmnone specified2006-03-30
ORiNOCO Mini PCI Card (Ruby)bMini PCILucentHERMES ITHESEUS HS2TBER < 10^-5-94 dBm-91 dBm-87 dBm-82 dBmU.FL2002-03-15
ORiNOCO PC CardbPCMCIA (16-bit)LucentHERMES ITHESEUS HSBER < 10^-5-94 dBm-91 dBm-87 dBm-83 dBmMC1999-07-20
OvisLink AirLive X.USBabgnUSBAtherosAR9170AR9104-91 dBmRP-SMA
Qualcomm 65-VE240-P1bgnMini PCIQualcommWFB4030PER = 0.08-101 dBm-98 dBm-97 dBm-93 dBmU.FL2007-12-17
Qualcomm 65-VF320-P2abgnMini PCI (long)QualcommWFB4030WFR4031PER = 0.08-101 dBm-98 dBm-97 dBm-93 dBmU.FL2008-01-18
Qualcomm 65-VF438-P2abgnUSBQualcommWFB4130WFR4031PER = 0.08-101 dBm-98 dBm-97 dBm-93 dBmnone specified2008-01-30
Rosewill RNX-N600UBE v1abgnUSBRalinkRT3572PER = 0.08-90 dBm-85 dBmRP-SMA
Samsung SWL-2200PbPCIIntersilISL3874ISL3685-85 dBmRP-SMA2002-05-25
Samsung SWL-2210MbMini PCIIntersilISL3874ISL3685-85 dBmU.FL2002-09-03
Samsung SWL-2210PbPCIIntersilISL3874ISL3685-85 dBmRP-SMA2002-09-03
Samsung SWL-2300MbPCITexas InstrumentsACX100-86 dBmnone specified2003-01-31
Samsung SWL-2300PbPCITexas InstrumentsACX100-86 dBmRP-SMA2003-01-31
Senao SL-2511CD PLUS EXT2bPCMCIA (16-bit)IntersilISL3873BISL3685FER = 0.08-95 dBm-93 dBm-91 dBm-89 dBmMMCX2002-08-12
Smartbridges SB2000 (airNIC)bUSBAtmelAT76C503AFER = 0.08-95 dBmRP-SMA2001-09-24
SparkLAN WMIM-272NabgnMini PCIMetalinkMtW8171MtW8151-85 dBmU.FL
Ubiquiti Networks SR2bgMini PCIAtherosAR5213AR2112-97 dBm-96 dBm-95 dBm-92 dBmMMCX2005-05-25
Ubiquiti Networks SRCabgPCMCIA (32-bit)AtherosAR5213AR5112-96 dBm-95 dBm-94 dBm-91 dBmMMCX2005-09-29
Ubiquiti Networks XR2bgMini PCIAtherosAR5414-97 dBm-96 dBm-95 dBm-92 dBmMMCX2007-02-16
Wistron NeWeb CM9abgMini PCIAtherosAR5213AR5112A-95 dBm-94 dBm-92 dBm-90 dBmnone specified2004-06-15
Wistron NeWeb USB-400bUSBIntersilISL3871ISL3684PER < 0.08-90 dBm-88 dBm-86 dBm-84 dBmnone specified2003-02-17
XAVi XW202MbgMini PCI (half)AtherosAR2417-90 dBm-87 dBm-86 dBm-85 dBmU.FL2009-04-30
Z-Com LANEscape/APDL-325bPCMCIA (16-bit)IntersilISL3873BISL3685-92 dBm-89 dBm-88 dBm-85 dBmRP-MMCX2001-08-20
... further results


 All PHY modesInterfaceCh1 brandCh1 modelCh2 modelNFO6M9M12M18M24M36M48M54MRF conn.FCC date
3Com 3CRWE254G72bgUSBIntersilISL3880-88 dBm-87 dBm-84 dBm-82 dBm-79 dBm-75 dBm-68 dBm-68 dBmnone specified2003-12-09
3Com OfficeConnect 3CRWE154G72 v1bgPCMCIA (32-bit)IntersilISL3880ISL3686A-88 dBm-88.5 dBm-85.6 dBm-85.4 dBm-79.8 dBm-78.8 dBm-69.6 dBm-67.6 dBmnone specified2003-06-10
ALFA Network AWUS036HbgUSBRealtekRTL8187LRTL8225PER < 0.10, nominal temps-91 dBm-85 dBm-82 dBm-81 dBm-80 dBm-78 dBm-76 dBm-71 dBmRP-SMA2007-04-30
ALFA Network AWUS051NH v1abgnUSBRalinkRT2770RT2750-93 dBm-77 dBmRP-SMA2009-11-22
Airgo AGN0912AR-01bg+TrueMIMOMini PCI (long)AirgoAGN113BBAGN100RFPER = 0.10-99.5 dBm-97.5 dBm-94.5 dBm-93.5 dBm-89.5 dBm-87.5 dBm-82.5 dBm-81.5 dBmU.FL2005-07-22
Airgo AGN0922AR-01bg+TrueMIMOMini PCI (long)AirgoAGN102BBPER = 0.10-99.5 dBm-97.5 dBm-94.5 dBm-93.5 dBm-89.5 dBm-87.5 dBm-82.5 dBm-81.5 dBmU.FL2005-07-22
Compex WLU108AG-MCabgUSBAtherosAR5523AR5112-95 dBm-72 dBmMC2008-02-01
D-Link DWL-G520ibgPCIIntel82532RGEPER = 0.10-88 dBm-87 dBm-84 dBm-82 dBm-79 dBm-75 dBm-68 dBm-68 dBmU.FL2004-04-19
EnGenius EUB-362 EXTbgUSBAtherosAR5523AR2112-91 dBm-76 dBmRP-SMA2005-10-26
EnGenius EUB-862abgUSBAtherosAR5523AR5112-91 dBm-76 dBmnone specified2005-10-25
EnGenius EUB-862 EXT2abgUSBAtherosAR5523AR5112-91 dBm-75 dBmRP-SMA2005-10-25
EnGenius EUB9603HbgnUSBRealtekRTL8188SU-87 dBmRP-SMA2010-03-01
Enterasys RBTBH-R2WabgPCMCIA (16-bit)AgereWL60040-85 dBm-79 dBm-68 dBmMC2004-09-27
HP BOISB-0410-00bgmodule (SPI)Marvell88W838588W8010PER = 0.10-86 dBm-85 dBm-83 dBm-81 dBm-78 dBm-74 dBm-70 dBm-69 dBmnone2005-01-25
HP RSVLD-0707 (1150-7931)bgUSB (non-standard connector)AtherosAR2524AR2124-85 dBm-85 dBm-84 dBm-83 dBm-80 dBm-76 dBm-71 dBm-70 dBmnone2008-01-25
Qualcomm 65-VE240-P1bgnMini PCIQualcommWFB4030PER = 0.10-95.5 dBm-94 dBm-92.5 dBm-90 dBm-88 dBm-85.5 dBm-82.5 dBm-80 dBmU.FL2007-12-17
Qualcomm 65-VF320-P2abgnMini PCI (long)QualcommWFB4030WFR4031PER = 0.10-99.5 dBm-98 dBm-96.5 dBm-94 dBm-94 dBm-89.5 dBm-86.5 dBm-84 dBmU.FL2008-01-18
Qualcomm 65-VF438-P2abgnUSBQualcommWFB4130WFR4031PER = 0.10-99.5 dBm-98 dBm-96.5 dBm-94 dBm-92 dBm-89.5 dBm-86.5 dBm-84 dBmnone specified2008-01-30
Rosewill RNX-N600UBE v1abgnUSBRalinkRT3572-88 dBm-68 dBmRP-SMA
Ubiquiti Networks SR2bgMini PCIAtherosAR5213AR2112-94 dBm-93 dBm-91 dBm-90 dBm-86 dBm-83 dBm-77 dBm-74 dBmMMCX2005-05-25
Ubiquiti Networks SR71-AabgnMini PCIAtherosAR9160AR9106-97 dBm-90 dBm-86 dBm-84 dBmMMCX2008-07-17
Ubiquiti Networks SRCabgPCMCIA (32-bit)AtherosAR5213AR5112-94 dBm-93 dBm-91 dBm-90 dBm-86 dBm-83 dBm-77 dBm-74 dBmMMCX2005-09-29
Ubiquiti Networks XR2bgMini PCIAtherosAR5414-94 dBm-93 dBm-91 dBm-90 dBm-86 dBm-83 dBm-77 dBm-74 dBmMMCX2007-02-16
Wistron NeWeb CM9abgMini PCIAtherosAR5213AR5112A-90 dBm-89 dBm-87 dBm-85 dBm-82 dBm-79 dBm-76 dBm-74 dBmnone specified2004-06-15
XAVi XW202MbgMini PCI (half)AtherosAR2417-88 dBm-73 dBm-70 dBm-68 dBmU.FL2009-04-30
Z-Com XG-705AbgUSBIntersilISL3887ISL3686BPER > 0.10-82 dBm-81 dBm-79 dBm-77 dBm-72 dBm-70 dBm-66 dBm-65 dBmnone specified2005-05-17

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