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note: User:M86 is mostly inactive at the moment - been sick recently

Wishing you good health and a fast recovery. X64 (talk) 16:44, 31 January 2015 (EST)
Bummer, Get well soon. --DarkShadow (talk) 21:27, 31 January 2015 (EST)
I wish you well. You are in my thoughts. I hope fate brings you comfort and joy. You are a most impressive person.--Numeric (talk) 01:13, 1 May 2015 (EDT)
I am very glad you are okay.--Numeric (talk) 01:10, 5 August 2016 (EDT)

WikiDevi wikitext snapshots[edit]

Daily snapshots (current wikitext of all pages, bzip2ed) of the wiki are available here (and here (full dump)).

File upload tarballs are not currently available.

Blank templates[edit]



802dot11 PHY mode color legend[edit]

no 802.11 protocols specified

not 802.11 compliant

legacy (FHSS)

legacy (DSSS)














things to make the wiki suck less...

  • more data
  • redo individual page format so it is more functional
    • break down main super-templates into domain specific templates and a central 'display' template
    • increase ease to find similar devices w/ additional queries
    • semanticize all information that can be semanticized
      • product / support pages, tagline, power adapter info (subobj.), LED config. / colors / etc, PCB color (useless), PCB text, more part (type, manuf) info, more USB info (mostly device form factor and connector type)
    • pictures need classification and license tagging
      • msupload changes needed..
    • navbox / etc integration
  • per part / chipset / vendor / manuf. / firmware (I guess..) pages
    • w/ queries and visualizations per page
      • representative picture queries
        • per picture 'quality' flag, maybe (access control issues..)
    • for manuf. / vendor
      • add relevant locations
      • history
      • associations with other corporations / companies / etc
      • integration w/ reviews (problematic...) for some sort of quality scoring
    • for vendor
      • add UPC / EAN / etc ranges
    • per part / chipset
      • additional specifications for device queries (and non)
        • processor architecture
        • full part info w/ per part chip package info
        • semiconductor process info
          • fabs used (uh, probably not)
        • development and release dates
        • driver information for various platforms (if applicable)
        • datasheet location
        • firmware / microcode information
        • interface information
      • integration w/ reviews (problematic...) for some sort of quality scoring
      • anything else that would be of interest
      • vendor sales and manuf. numbers would be awesome, but it's not like that is ever going to happen
    • per firmware pages
  • aggregate more useful data and integrate into device pages
    • price info
    • vendor info
    • reviews (maybe, per user integration via mediawiki would be possible.. but obvious trust issues would exist - would also require per user + page access control..)
  • redo main page so it is actually functional and not complete crap
  • increase ease of queriability
    • add form based queries
    • templatize most queries for better data display
  • non-crap citation and content attribution
  • add actual documentation / help pages
  • add additional Windows drivers

add usb capability info[edit]

.. this would be best handled w/ a per chipset page (and then queried from there). assigning each value per page is not exactly desirable except for exceptions

sandbox / other pages[edit]

additional query pages[edit]