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Telewise Communications

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Telewise Communications, Inc. is a leading developer of semiconductor ICs for home networking.

Home networking enables users at home to share computers, peripherals, smart appliances, stereos, speakers, entertainment devices, and high speed Internet access to the world. As predicted by market analysts, the home networking devices will potentially penetrate into tens of millions of homes in just a few years. By leveraging its talented engineering team in communications and networking technologies, IC design, system level integration, Telewise aims to deliver cost-effective chip set solutions, together with our partners to serve this significant, emerging home networking market.

Existing power-line wiring in the home provides a pervasive medium with multiple outlets for users to connect many devices in a ready-made network. It is easy, low cost and effective. Anticipating the market needs, the Home-plug Power-line Alliance was formed in April, 2000 to define standards and accelerate the adoption of this technology by consumers. Starting from the inception of Home-plug, Telewise has been an active contributor to Home-plug in rolling out the version 1.0 standard which provides 14 Mega bits per second power line networking solution using Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex (OFDM) technology.

Telewise Communications - 2000-2003 worked on 802.11abg chips. FAILED.