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Router SoCs and CPUs are currently not part of the page, this includes..

  • RT1310A, CPU only
  • RT2880/RT2780/RT2680, perhaps all the same WiSoC, RT2880 = 2x3:2, RT2780 = 1x2:2, RT2680 = 1x2:1 (presumably no HT modes, b/g only)
    • RT2880 Coupled with RT2820/RT2850 RF
      • RT2880 = 266MHz MIPS4KEc
    • RT2780/RT2680 coupled with RT2720 RF, maybe occasionally RT2750 RF
  • RT305x, WiSoC, RT3050 = 1x1:1 (Overview), RT3051 (maybe) = 1x2:2, RT3052 = 2x2:2 (Overview)
    • RT3052 = 320MHz MIPS24KEc
    • RT3052 = 384MHz MIPS24KEc
  • RT335x, WiSoC, RT3352 = 2x2:2 (Overview)
    • 400MHz MIPS24KEc
  • RT535x, WiSoC, RT5350 = 1x1:1 (Overview)
    • 360MHz MIPS24KEc
  • RT3662, WiSoC, Dual-band, up to 2x3:2, Overview
    • 500MHz MIPS74Kc
  • RT3883, WiSoC, Dual-band, 3x3:3, Overview
    • 500MHz MIPS74Kc
  • RT6856, CPU only