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How to extract the bare drivers from the official setup executable:

  • Download the setup executable from Netgear. The current file is named WNDA3100 v3.0.0.2 setup.exe
  • Download Universal Extractor. An updated version can be found here
  • Run WNDA3100 v3.0.0.2 setup.exe and let it prepare for installation. Don't click next since we won't actually be installing this.
  • Open the Temp folder by typing %TMP% into the address bar of an explorer window. Choose Details view and sort by date modified.
  • Look for the most recently modified folders. There may be 2 or 3. Look within these folders for the extracted WNDA3100.msi file.
  • Use Universal Extractor to extract the contents of this .msi file. Change the Extract Method to "msi2xml extraction" or "MSI TC Packer extraction" since "MSI Administrative Installer" fails.
  • The result should be a folder in the same directory as WNDA3100.msi called WNDA3100 containing the driver files and a bunch of other stuff. The driver files are named arusb_*.cat/inf/sys
  • You may now cancel the Netgear Wireless Adapter installation program to clean up the temp files.