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Linux instructions. Tested on OpenSUSE 12.3

Download (choose RT3573 USB. I used v. dated 09/11/2012). Uncompress, make sure you have gcc and headers installed.

1. Modify the common/rtusb_dev_id.c , adding the line:

{USB_DEVICE(0x13B1,0x003B)}, /* Cisco LinkSys AE3000 */

in the ifdef RT3573 session. E.g:

  1. ifdef RT3573
   {USB_DEVICE(0x148F,0x3573)}, /* Ralink 3573 */
   {USB_DEVICE(0x7392,0x7733)}, /* Edimax */
   {USB_DEVICE(0x0B05,0x17AD)}, /*ASUS */
   {USB_DEVICE(0x13B1,0x003B)}, /* Cisco LinkSys AE3000 */
  1. endif /* RT3573 */

2. Modify in os/linux/ "HAS_NATIVE_WPA_SUPPLICANT_SUPPORT=y" (to allow it work with NetworkManager and use -Dwext option). 3. Run make -j10, make install, depmod -a, modprobe -v rt3573sta 4. iwconfig should now show ra0. Test using wpa_supplicant.

Thanks to Balaj ( ) for help with rtusb_dev_id.c file.