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Talk:Dell Wireless 1601 WiGig (DW1601)

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Dear All

I was looking to purchase some Dell Wireless 1601 WiGig (DW1601) chips (QCA 9005) for a project on mm-Wave networks. I was planning to use them along with a Dell laptop to measure network performance. It is mentioned on the wiki that one would need to use an external 60GHz antenna/upconverter module (containing the Wil6110 60GHz RFIC chip) in order to make the chip work. Can someone suggest where I could buy such a RFIC module? I have looked on ebay and amazon and have found nothing. I have found places where I could purchase the DW1601 chip but I have had no luck with the RFIC module. Any help is appreciated. :) --Sjog2

You may have better luck locating a Dell laptop that shipped from the factory with the DW1601 WiGig card and the required antenna. How to configure a Dell Wireless 1601 WiGig card and the Dell D5000 wireless dock says, "The DW 1601 requires a WiGig wireless antenna not found in systems that did not ship with the DW1601 card. Adding a DW 1601 to a system that did not ship with the card would require the replacement of the LCD back cover/wireless antenna assembly with a WiGig compatible antenna and removal of any other Bluetooth card (DW 380 for example)." This leads me to believe that the antenna is entirely within the LCD display assembly. If you already have a Dell laptop that is missing the WiGig antenna, you might be able to find a complete replacement display assembly that has the antenna. For example, parts-people has the New Dell Latitude E7440 14" Complete Assembly - PMJMX or New Dell Precision M6800 17.3" FHD LCD Touchscreen Display Complete Assembly with Edge-to-Edge Glass - FPRRK which appear to have 5 antenna wires. Presumably 2 are for WWAN and 2 are for WLAN with the 5th being for WiGig. The E7440 display assembly more clearly shows the blue wire from the WiGig configuration link. --Dave (talk) 10:49, 8 May 2017 (EDT)