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The following chipsets are omitted from the main page. All of these chipsets were either rarely used or not used at all.

Chip Radio chip Interface PHY modes Notes PR/Page pdf
BCM4302 BCM2051 PCI/CB b V.92 modem capability in chip here
BCM4304 BCM2051 PCI/CB b 10/100 Ethernet capability in chip here
BCM4308 BCM2060 PCI/CB a MAC/BB w/ V.92 modem in chip here
BCM4310 BCM2050 USB bg USB / UART here
BCM4328U n/a USB 2.0 abg here here
Chip Arch. Clock speed Notes PR/Page pdf
BCM4710 MIPS32 125MHz BCM4702 with HomePNA support here
BCM4711 MIPS32 Integrated 802.11b MAC/BB here