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Sivers IMA

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Sivers IMA is a developer and manufacturer of millimeter wave products with more than 60 years of experience.

RFIC with 16 Tx + 16 Rx beam forming 802.11ad Transceiver TRX BF/01 [1]

TRX 1608-LT6275 V-band Transceiver 57-71 GHz TRX [2]

FC2121E/01 E-band Up-Converter 71-76 GHz TX [3]

FC2121E/02 E-band Up-Converter 81-86 GHz TX [4]

FC2221E/01 E-band Down-Converter 71-76 GHz RX [5]

FC2221E/02 E-band Down-Converter 81-86 GHz RX [6]

FC2121V/01 V-band Up-Converter 57-66 GHz TX [7]

FC2221V/01 V-band Down-Converter 57-66 GHz RX [8]

CO2201A/00 Converter Evaluation Board [9]