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SiBEAM, Inc.[edit]

SiBeam (SiBEAM, Inc.) - SB6501 + SB6510 - UltraGig (2015) • PR

  • SB6501 - 802.11ad single-chip 802.11ad MAC/Baseband processor
  • SiI6310 / SiI6312 - 802.11ad highly integrated 60GHz RF transceiver with on-package
antenna array, single-polarized (SiI6310) and dual-polarized (SiI6312) antenna options
  • SB6210 / SB6212 - Snap wireless transmitter with USB 2.0 and 3.0 interface
  • SB6211 / SB6213 - Snap wireless receiver with USB 2.0 and 3.0 interface
FCC ID: UK2-MOD621X (2017-05-26) - MOD6213/MOD6212 transiver
  • SiI6400 - UltraGig WirelessHD single chip network processor, RF transceiver,
and in-package antenna solution

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