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Shen Zhen Xin Hua Tian Technology 9B06

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Shen Zhen Xin Hua Tian Technology 9B06

FCC approval date: 20 January 2019
Country of manuf.: China

Interface: USB

USB 3.0
Connector: Male A
Form factor tags: dongle (w/ large antenna)


WI1 chip1: Realtek RTL8814AU

Additional chips
5GHz WLAN Front End Module;Richwave;RTC5633C;888, 633C, 6744;4;,

Probable Linux driver
See this driver @ Edimax
See aircrack-ng's rtl8812au repo on GitHub which includes support for RTL8814AU and is patched for newer kernels. Five versions (4.3.21, 5.1.5, 5.2.9, 5.2.20, 5.3.4) are available.
(see also passys)

Windows driver
see Realtek's website

Antenna connector: RP-SMA

abgn+ac, 4x4:3

OUI: none specified

For a list of all currently documented Realtek chipsets with specifications, see Realtek.

Dual band wireless adapter

Model 9B08 is electrically identical.

"U106A V3.0" is silkscreened on the board in the FCC photos.