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Seagate Wireless Plus

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Seagate Wireless Plus (STCK1000200)

UPC: 10763649045005 (UPC DB, On eBay)
EAN: 7636490043550 (UPC DB, On eBay)
Country of manuf.: China

Type: mobile NAS


Power: ? VDC, ? A
Connector type: USB Female Micro-B

CPU1: Texas Instruments AM3703CUS
FLA1: ? MiB (Brand? Model?)
RAM1: 128 MiB
134,217,728 B
1,048,576 Kib
131,072 KiB
1,024 Mib
0.125 GiB
(Brand? Model?)

Expansion IFs: none specified

WI1 module: AzureWave AW-NH630
WI1 802dot11 protocols: bgn
WI1 MIMO config: 1x1:1
WI1 antenna connector: none


Flags: battery, portable

Default SSID: Seagate Wireless Plus

802dot11 OUI: 00:10:75 (6 E, -, 2009)
Ethernet OUI: 00:10:75 (6 E, -, 2009)

For a list of all currently documented Texas Instruments chipsets with specifications, see Texas Instruments.

Compact Mobile Hard Drive with built-in N150 Wireless and Media Server

Product page
  • USB 3.0 client
  • 1 TB storage
  • ~10 hours battery? - Li-ion, 3.7V, 2900 mAh
  • 1T1R N150 AzureWave AW-NH630
  • Hard drive: Samsung ST1000LM024
  • Linux-2.6.32


See also Seagate GoFlex Satellite..