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This page cover the following companies: STMicroelectronics (STMicro), ST-Ericsson, and Synad.


  • 2000: Synad is Founded
  • 2002: Synad first Wi-Fi chipset (SY8000) [1]
  • 2003: Synad is acquired by STMicro [2]
  • 2009: STMicro Wi-Fi assets are spun-off to ST-Ericsson
  • 2013: ST-Ericsson assets are merged back into STMicro

WiFi Chipsets[edit]


Synad homepage:

  • SY8000 (2002) 802.11ab chipset CMOS 180nm, UMC fab, aka: Mercury or Mercury5G chipset
    • SYBB8200
    • SYRF8100

STMicro / ST-Ericsson[edit]

Ordered by release date:

  • STLC8100
  • STLC8201
  • STLC4370
  • STLC4420
  • STLC4550 (2006) 802.11bg, used in Nokia N95
  • STLC4560 (802.11bg) used in Nokia E71, Nokia N800/N810, among others
linux driver is [p54], the same driver as Intersil Prism chipset
  • CW1100 (2009) 802.11bgn [3]
  • CW1200

STMicro / Quantenna[edit]

  • STiH390 (2015) STMicro WiSoC with 802.11ac 4x4 wave2 MAC by Quantenna

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