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This page covers the following companies:

ZeroG WirelessG2 MicrosystemsRoving NetworksBridgeCoSMSCMicrelAtmelMicrochip

Microchip Technology Inc.[edit]
  • Microchip has multiple lineages of Wi-Fi chipsets, inherited from
acquisitions of multiple companies having existing Wi-Fi products.


Wi-Fi chips[edit]

Currently it appears to offer several Wi-Fi chipsets:

Microchip also offers a range of 802.11abgn+ac RF Power Amplifiers,
used in many wireless routers: Microchip Power Amplifiers.



See also: Micrel and Kendin


Wi-Fi chips[edit]

BridgeCo[edit] / .
  • 2011 - Acquired by SMSC which was subsequently acquired by Microchip

Wi-Fi chips[edit]

  • DM870 (DM870A) - Media Processor (SoC) with 802.11bg MAC/BB jukeblox PBrief
  • BridgeCo Eagle - WLAN RFIC (appears to be a rebadged Thomson 6201C)

Roving Networks[edit]

G2 Microsystems[edit] (archived website)

Wi-Fi chips[edit]

  • G2C501 (2006) 802.11b WiSoC + RTLS for tags/asset tracking
  • G2C543 (2009) 802.11bg WiSoC for IoT, interface: SPI, SDIO, UART
  • G2C547 (2008) 802.11bg WiSoC + RTLS/RFID; host interface: SPI, SDIO, UART

ZeroG Wireless[edit] (

Wi-Fi chips[edit]

  • ZG2100 - "802.11b" (only 1 and 2Mbps, not the full standard)