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Roku XD S Wireless Module

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Roku XD S (2100X) Wireless Module

FCC approval date: 10 September 2010

Interface: module

FCC ID: TC22100X
Industry Canada ID: 5959A-2100X

WI1 chip1: Broadcom BCM4323

Probable Linux driver
none, will not be supported by brcmfmac
(see also passys)

Windows driver
try for XP or for Vista/Win7
not working? let me know

Antenna connector: U.FL

abgn, 2x2:2

OUI: none specified

For a list of all currently documented Broadcom chipsets with specifications, see Broadcom.

The Roku XD S is a Netflix/Pandora/MLB TV streaming device with built-in 2x2 MIMO dual band WiFi.

  • Unlike its predecessor, the Roku HD XR, the XD|S now holds the wireless components
on the main board along with two U.FL connectors in addition to two onboard antennas.

Chip is Broadcom BCM4323KFBGH