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Roku RC04

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Roku RC04

Manuf/OEM/ODM SMK Electronics

FCC approval date: 08 October 2012

Type: RF remote control

Industry Canada ID: 5959A-RC03

Power: ? VDC, ? A

CPU1: Ozmo Devices Ozmo2000
FLA1: ? MiB (Brand? Model?)
RAM1: ? MiB (Brand? Model?)

Expansion IFs: none specified

WI1 chip1: Ozmo Devices Ozmo2000
WI1 802dot11 protocols: abg
WI1 antenna connector: none


Flags: battery

802dot11 OUI: none specified

For a list of all currently documented Ozmo Devices chipsets with specifications, see Ozmo Devices.

The device has a Reach Xtend P/N: FR05-S1-NO-1-004, Fractus manuf., Compact Dual-Band Chip Antenna (per the FCC test report).

This device appears to be using an Ozmo Devices (now part of Atmel as of 12/19/2012) chip for the Wi-Fi capabilities. This press release seems to confirm this.

This device communicates with the main Roku player (particularly, the Roku Streaming Stick (3400R)) via Wi-Fi Direct.