Roku 2500X Wireless Module

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Roku . HD (2500X)

FCC approval date: 22 February 2012

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B007KEZMX4 (Flag of the United States.svg, On Amazon, On CCCmultiple uses)
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Interface: module

ID: 02d0:a962

FCC ID: TC2R1001

WI1 chip1: Broadcom BCM43362

Probable Linux driver
brcmfmac (SDIO in backports)
(see also passys)

Antenna connector: none

bgn, 1x1:1

OUI: none specified

Roku HD (2500X)TC2R1001
 Chip1 brandChip2 brand
Roku 2500X Wireless ModuleBroadcom
Roku HD Wireless ModuleZyDASAiroha
Roku HD XR Wireless ModuleBroadcom
Roku HD v2 Wireless ModuleBroadcom
Roku SD Wireless ModuleZyDASAiroha
Roku XD Wireless ModuleBroadcom
For a list of all currently documented Broadcom chipsets with specifications, see Broadcom.

802.11bgn Wireless Module

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  • This device is a wireless module in the Nintendo Wii U.
It is visible in iFixit's teardown of the unit.
  • The full part number of the Broadcom chip is BCM43362KUBG.
WLAN: Broadcom BCM43362 SDIO: 0xA962 brcmfmac
CPU: Broadcom BCM7208 @400MHz SoC