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This page cover the following companies: Renesas and KeyStream.


  • 2000: KeyStream founded
  • 2003: KeyStream first Wi-Fi chipset (802.11b)
  • 2009: Renesas acquires KeyStream [1]

WiFi Chips[edit]

  • KS2000 (MAC) + KS2013 (BB) + KS2023 (RF) - 802.11b chipset
  • KS2101 (BB/MAC) + KS2030 (RF) - 802.11b low power chipset
  • KS2100 (BB/MAC) + KS2030 (RF) - 802.11b chipset
  • KS5010 (BB/MAC) + KS5020 (RF) - 802.11a chipset
  • KeyStream KS7010 (BB/MAC) + KS3021 (RF) - 802.11bg SDIO, used in Spectec SDW-821 (KeyStream) and Spectec SDW-823 (microSD Wi-Fi adapter) and Microsoft Zune 30
ks7010 linux driver [1] ks7010_sdio_v007.tar.bz2 how-to linux driver on wikidevi (missing firmware) ks7010-firmware-20100217.tar.bz2 firmware
  • Renesas R7S720004 (R-Car W2R) (2015) 802.11p: 5.9GHz vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communications [2]

Development Kits[edit]

  • KS2916 - 802.11b development kit
  • KS2970 - 802.11b development kit
  • KS2971 - 802.11b development kit
  • KS5901 - 802.11a development kit

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