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Proxim Wireless Corporation[edit]

Proxim Wireless on Wikipedia

WLAN products and chipsets[edit]

Proprietary (before HomeRF)[edit]

  • RangeLAN (1991) (900MHz)
  • RangeLINK (1995)

HomeRF 1.0[edit]

RangeLAN2 - 2.4GHz proprietary FHSS, HomeRF 1.0 (1.6Mbps)

HomeRF 2.0[edit]

HomeRF 2.0 (10Mbps)

  • T-Sinus 930 Data
  • Siemens Gigaset H487

Later RangeLAN products[edit]

  • Using chipsets from other vendors (Atheros etc), based on 802.11 standards.