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Phicomm K3

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Phicomm K3 (A1/A2/B1/C1)
Availability: now

FCC approval date: 12 January 2018
Country of manuf.: China
Series: AC3150

Amazon image

B078WS7PHB (Flag of the United States.svg, On Amazon, On CCC)
multiple revisions of this device, use caution

Type: wireless router

PCB ID: 800002240, 800002369, 800002397,

Power: 12 VDC, 4 A
Connector type: barrel

CPU1: Broadcom BCM4709C0 (1.4 GHz, 2 cores)
FLA1: 128 MiB
134,217,728 B
1,048,576 Kib
131,072 KiB
1,024 Mib
0.125 GiB
(Samsung K9F1G08U0F-SCB0)
RAM1: 512 MiB
536,870,912 B
4,194,304 Kib
524,288 KiB
4,096 Mib
0.5 GiB
(EtronTech EM6GE16EWXD-12H)

Expansion IFs: PCIe, USB 3.0
Mini PCIe slots: 1
USB ports: 1

WI1 module: Phicomm WLAN-2397
WI1 module IF: PCIe (non-standard connector, oversize)
WI1 chip1: Broadcom BCM4366
WI1 802dot11 protocols: an+ac
WI1 MIMO config: 4x4:4
WI1 antenna connector: U.FL
WI2 module: Phicomm WLAN-2397
WI2 module IF: PCIe (non-standard connector, oversize)
WI2 chip1: Broadcom BCM4366
WI2 802dot11 protocols: bgn
WI2 MIMO config: 4x4:4
WI2 antenna connector: U.FL

ETH chip1: Broadcom BCM4709C0
Switch: Broadcom BCM4709C0
LAN speed: 1G
LAN ports: 3
WAN speed: 1G
WAN ports: 1


Additional chips
2.4GHz Power Amplifier IC;Skyworks;SE2623L;SKY, 2623L, 605EF;;4;
2.4GHz SPDT Switch w/ LNA;Skyworks;SKY85201-11;SKY1, 5201, 7105;4;
5GHz RF Power Amplifier Module;RFMD;RFPA5542;PA5542, 010T;4;
ARM Cortex-M4;STMicroelectronics;STM32F446;STM32F446, VET6 A, 7B892 VQ, PHL 7B 706, ST ARM;1;
5GHz LNA;RFMD;;>>>, 20, 5E5A;4;

Flags: LCD display

802dot11 OUI: none specified

 CPU1 brandWI1 chip1 brandWI2 chip1 brand
Phicomm K3BroadcomBroadcomBroadcom
Phicomm K3CIntel (Lantiq)Intel (Lantiq)Intel (Lantiq)
For a list of all currently documented Broadcom chipsets with specifications, see Broadcom.

AC3150 Dual-band Gigabit Router

Product page

Web GUI:

  • A1:"800002369 V1.0" is silkscreened on the main board.
  • A2:"800002432 V1.1" is silkscreened on the main board.
  • "800002372" is silkscreened on the LCD module board.
  • "800002397 V1.1" is silkscreened on the WLAN module board.


  • CPU: Broadcom BCM4709 @1.4GHz (ARM Cortex-A9), RAM: 512MB
3.5" TFT LCD Display, "800002240 V1.0" WLAN (4T4R PA/LNA)

Hardware Version[edit]

  • Phicomm K3 (A1) for China
  • Phicomm K3 (A2) for China
  • Phicomm K3 (B1) for non-China
  • Phicomm K3 (C1) for non-China

See also[edit]

CPU: Lantiq (Intel) PXB4395EL @1.6GHz (GRX350), RAM: 256MB
CPU: MediaTek MT7621A @880MHz, RAM: 128MB (DDR3), Flash: 64MB