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Netopia TER/WPC11N1

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Netopia TER/WPC11N1

Manuf/OEM/ODM Samsung SWL-2300N

FCC approval date: 01 July 2003
Country of manuf.: Korea

Interface: PCMCIA (32-bit)

ID: 104c:8400 (22 addl. devices) SS: 167d:b230
Windows: PCI\VEN_104C&DEV_8400&SUBSYS_B230167D


WI1 chip1: Texas Instruments ACX100

WI1 chip2: Maxim MAX2820

Antenna connector: none


OUI: 00:02:78 (-, 14 W, 2003)

Samsung SWL-2300NE2XSWL-2300N
For a list of all currently documented Texas Instruments chipsets with specifications, see Texas Instruments.

Maxim not currently documented.

Korea ID: R-LARN-02-0257


Netopia TERWPC11N1 top.jpg Netopia TERWPC11N1 bot.jpg