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Netgear R8900

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Netgear R8900 -100NAS
Availability: now

FCC approval date: 23 June 2017
(Est.) release date: 16 August 2017
(Est.) initial retail price (in USD): $380
Country of manuf.: China

Amazon image

B01M12RE4A (Flag of the United States.svg, On Amazon, On CCCmultiple uses)

Type: wireless router

FCC ID: PY316200339, PPD-QCA9008-SBD1

Power: 19 VDC, 3.16 A
Connector type: barrel

CPU1: Annapurna Labs Alpine AL-514 (1.7 GHz, 4 cores)
FLA1: 512 MiB
536,870,912 B
4,194,304 Kib
524,288 KiB
4,096 Mib
0.5 GiB
(Spansion S34ML04G200TF100)
RAM1: 1 GiB
1,024 MiB
1,073,741,824 B
8,388,608 Kib
1,048,576 KiB
8,192 Mib
(Nanya NT5CC256M16DP-DI × 2)

Expansion IFs: USB 3.0, SFP+
USB ports: 2
SFP ports: 1
Serial: yes, 4-pin header

WI1 chip1: Qualcomm Atheros QCA9984
WI1 chip2: Qualcomm Atheros QCA9984
WI1 802dot11 protocols: abgn+ac
WI1 MIMO config: 4x4:4
WI1 antenna connector: MHF4
WI2 module: Qualcomm Atheros QCA9008-SBD1
WI2 module IF: M.2 (1216)
WI2 chip1: Qualcomm Atheros QCA9500
WI2 802dot11 protocols: ad
WI2 MIMO config: 1x1:1
WI2 antenna connector: MHF4

ETH chip1: Annapurna Labs Alpine AL-514
ETH chip2: Qualcomm Atheros QCA8337N
Switch: Qualcomm Atheros QCA8337N
LAN speed: 10/100/1000
LAN ports: 6
WAN speed: 10/100/1000
WAN ports: 1


Additional chips
2.4GHz RF Power Amplifier Module;Skyworks;SE2623L;;4;
5GHz RF Power Amplifier Module;RFMD;RFPA5542;;4;
2-port USB 3.0 PCIe Controller;ASMedia;ASM1024A;;1;
1x2 PCIe Packet Switch;ASMedia;ASM1182e;;1;

Stock bootloader: CFE

Stock FW OS: Linux

Flags: Wave2, MU-MIMO, WiGig, LACP, SFP+ (10GbE), DFS, VHT160

Default SSID: NETGEARXX (32 addl. devices)
Default login user: admin
Default login password: password
admin:password credentials used by 363 additional devices
of which 259 are Netgear devices

802dot11 OUI: B0:B9:8A (1 E, 1 W, 2016)
Ethernet OUI: B0:B9:8A (1 E, 1 W, 2016)

Netgear R9000PY316200339
Netgear R9000PY316200339
Qualcomm Atheros QCA9008-SBD1PPD-QCA9008-SBD1
TP-LINK AD7200 (Talon)TE7AD7200
For a list of all currently documented Annapurna Labs SoC's with specifications, see Annapurna Labs.
For a list of all currently documented Qualcomm Atheros chipsets with specifications, see Qualcomm Atheros.

4620Mbps - 1SS 60GHz 802.11ad (MCS12/16-QAM (3/4)),
1733Mbps - 4SS 5GHz 802.11ac (80MHz chan.),
600Mbps - 4SS 2.4GHz 802.11n (40MHz chan.) = 7000 Mbps class

Nighthawk X10 - AD7000 MU-MIMO Smart Wi-Fi Router

802.11ac Quad-Stream Wave2 Wi-Fi plus 802.11ad
Product page  • Support page

Most of the information on this page was copied from the Netgear R9000 since the FCC ID is the same.
This router appears to be a feature-limited R9000 exclusively for Costco like the Netgear AC1450 was.
The only obvious change from the R9000 to this R8900 is the lack of non-standard 256-QAM support

for 2.4GHz 802.11n which reduces the maximum theoretical speed from 800Mbps to 600 Mbps.

Product features[edit]

  • X10 is industry’s fasted router for media streaming with Plex media server.
  • X10 with 802.11ac/ad Wi-Fi technology delivers ultra-smooth 4K streaming,
VR gaming and instant downloads.
  • With a powerful 1.7GHz Quad-core processor, 60GHz 11ad, and Quad-stream
architecture, you can enjoy combined wireless speeds of up to 7.2Gbps.
  • MU-MIMO supports simultaneous streaming, while 160 MHz doubles
WiFi speeds to mobile devices.
  • Four patent pending external active antennas amplify WiFi signals
to maximize range and throughput.


Quad Core ARM Cortex-A15 (see also AL5140)
  • Memory: 512MB Flash (NAND) and 1GB RAM (DDR3)
  • Tri-Band: 60GHz (4600Mbps), 5GHz (1733Mbps), 2.4GHz (600Mbps)
Supports 4x high-performance active antennas (like R8500)
- Skyworks SE2623L 2.4GHz Power Amp (x4)
- RFMD (Qorvo) RFPA5542 5GHz Power Amp (x4)
- Qualcomm Atheros QCA9008-SBD1 module
  • Seven (7x GbE) 10/100/1000 Mbps ports: 1x WAN & 6x LAN
LACP - Dual Gigabit Ethernet Port Aggregation (LAN1+LAN2)
  • Ports: 2x USB 3.0, 1x SFP+ LAN 10GbE (10Gbps) port
  • Dimension:: 316 mm x 264 mm x 61 mm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: 1680 g
    1.68 kg
    59.254 oz
    3.704 lbs


Annapurna Labs Alpine AL314 (?) @1.7GHz (quad-core ARM Cortex A15)
ASMedia ASM1182e 1x2 PCIe packet switch, QCA Bluetooth LE radio,
ASMedia ASM1024A 2 port USB 3.0 PCIe controller

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