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MikroTik RouterBOARD 1100AHx4 (RB1100AHx4)

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MikroTik RouterBOARD 1100AHx4 (RB1100AHx4)
Availability: now

(Est.) release date: 23 May 2017
(Est.) initial retail price (in USD): $350

Amazon image

B071FGLTTC (Flag of the United States.svg, On Amazon, On CCC)
B07687ZW39 (Flag of the United States.svg, On Amazon, On CCC)

Type: router

Power: 100-240 VAC ~ 50/60 Hz, 0.5 A
Connector type: C7
Power over Ethernet (PoE) tag: 802.3at, standard

CPU1: Annapurna Labs Alpine AL21400 (1.4 GHz, 4 cores)
FLA1: 128 MiB
134,217,728 B
1,048,576 Kib
131,072 KiB
1,024 Mib
0.125 GiB
(Macronix NAND)
FLA2: 8 MiB
8,388,608 B
65,536 Kib
8,192 KiB
64 Mib
0.00781 GiB
(Winbond W25Q64FVSG)
RAM1: 1 GiB
1,024 MiB
1,073,741,824 B
8,388,608 Kib
1,048,576 KiB
8,192 Mib
(Nanya Model? × 4)

Expansion IFs: SATA 3.0, M.2, Micro SD Card slot
SATA ports: 2
JTAG: yes, 10-pin header
Serial: yes, RS232

ETH chip1: Annapurna Labs Alpine AL21400
Switch: Realtek RTL8367SB (3x)
LAN speed: 1G
LAN ports: 10
WAN speed: 1G
WAN ports: 3

Stock bootloader: RouterBOOT 3.42

Stock FW OS: RouterOS 6.40 Level 6

Flags: M.2 SSD (60GB)

Default IP address:
the IP is used by 38 additional devices
of which 37 are MikroTik devices
Default login user: admin
Default login password: blank
admin:blank credentials used by 316 additional devices
of which 35 are MikroTik devices

Ethernet OUI: 6C:3B:6B (6 E, 2 W, 2017)

For a list of all currently documented Annapurna Labs SoC's with specifications, see Annapurna Labs.


Gigabit Ethernet Router (Dude Edition)

Product Page  • Block Diagram
See also: MikroTik

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