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Internet-connected RGB/white lightbulbs. Proprietary 2.4GHz protocol. Also sold as:

Wi-Fi bridge[edit]

Uses a Wi-Fi controller/bridge to connect to the internet and translate commands to proprietary 2.4GHz protocol.

There appears to be at least 4 different version of the Wi-Fi controller. Version 4 supports 802.11n, previous versions support only 802.11bg[1][2].

Teardown / packet sniffing of a controller: [1]

  • uses "HF-A11-SMT" Wi-Fi module by Hi-Flying [2], firmware appears to be linux-based (Ralink chipset?)


teardown of RGB lightbulb

  • BL24C02
  • LT8900 - 2.4 GHz wireless transceiver. product page and datasheet (there is also a chinese "LT8900 Application manual" floating around the internet)