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Welcome to WikiDevi!

WikiDevi is a user-editable database for computer hardware based on MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki.

As the site uses Semantic MediaWiki, the database is queryable using semantic search (help on the Semantic MediaWiki site) and is drilldown-able (thanks to Semantic Drilldown).

State of the Database

5241 wireless adapters, 197 Ethernet adapters
3726 wireless embedded systems, 309 wired
107 mobile (non-PC) computers, 212 USB hubs, and 82 of everything else
5261 images, 1116 pages with images

Newest pages

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  2. AzureWave AW-CB161H
  3. AzureWave AW-CB160H
  4. SnapGear SG300
  5. Senao NL-3054MP PLUS