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MIPS 74Kc / MIPS 74Kf[edit]

  • Processor Identification: 00019740 (Processor ID: 0x97; Rev: 2.0.0)

The MIPS32 74K is based on a superscalar asymmetric dual-issue pipeline microarchitecture

with out-of-order (OoO) instruction dispatch and completion.

The implementation features a 15-stage pipeline to achieve high synthesizable frequencies, and

supports up to 4 instructions fetched per cycle, plus up to 4 instructions issued per cycle.

The 74Kc/f incorporates the MIPS DSP Module Rev2 for enhanced signal processing capabilities.

The 74Kc/f includes an OCP Bus Interface Unit and connection to an optional L2 cache controller

and delivers a performance of 1.93 DMIPS/MHz and 3.48 Coremarks/MHz.

The core also includes an IEEE754 compliant Floating Point Unit, supporting both single

and double precision datatypes.


The 74K family has two members: the MIPS32 74Kc core and the MIPS32 74Kf core:

  • MIPS 74Kc 32-bit RISC core is optimized for high-performance applications.
  • MIPS 74Kf core adds an IEEE-754 compliant floating point unit.

The core implements the MIPS32 Release 2 Instruction Set Architecture (ISA).

It also implements the following Application-Specific Extensions (ASEs):
  • The MIPS DSP Application-Specific Extension (ASE) is optimized for signal-processing applications.
  • The MIPS16e Application-Specific Extension (ASE) is optimized for code compression.


Release Identifier PRId [Revision] /
Description Date
1_0_* 1.0.0 / 0x20 Early-access release of 74K family RTL. January 31, 2007
2_0_0* 2.0.0 / 0x40 First generally-available release of 74K family core. May 11, 2007
2_1_0* 2.1.0 / 0x44 Can wait with interrupts disabled. October 31, 2007

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