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MIPS 24Kc / MIPS 24Kf[edit]

  • Processor Identification: 00019374 (Processor ID: 0x93; Rev: 3.5.0)

The MIPS32 24K is a 8-stage pipeline processor core that implements the MIPS32 Release 2

Architecture, including support for dynamic branch prediction, optional MIPS DSP module,
MIPS16e Instruction Set Architecture and programmable L1 cache controller.

The 24K includes an OCP Bus Interface Unit, EJTAG debug and MIPS Trace support is provided.

The processor core delivers a performance of 1.6 DMIPS/MHz and 3.1 Coremarks/MHz.

The 24Kf version includes an IEEE754 compliant FPU, supporting both single and double precision datatypes.


  • MIPS 24Kc is a 32-bit RISC core for high performance applications.
  • MIPS 24Kc Pro core offers the CorExtend capability.
(CP0 Status Reg, Bit 17 set for CorExtend block)
  • MIPS 24Kf core adds an IEEE-754 compliant floating point unit.
(CP0 Status Reg, Bit 29 set for Floating Point Unit)
  • MIPS 24Kf Pro core has both the floating point unit
and the CorExtend capability.


Release Identifier PRId [Revision] /
Description Date
2_0_* 2.0.0 / 0x40 General availability of 24K core. March 19, 2004
3_0_* 3.0.0 / 0x60 COP2 option improvements. September 30, 2004
3_2_* 3.2.0 / 0x68 PDtrace available. March 18, 2005
3_4_* 3.4.0 / 0x6c ISPRAM (I-side scratchpad) option added June 30, 2005
3_5_* 3.5.0 / 0x74 8KB cache option December 30, 2005
3_6_* 3.6.0 / 0x78 L2 support., 64KB alias-free D-cache option, option to have
up to 8 outstanding cache misses (previous maximum 4).
July 12, 2006
3_7_* 3.7.0 / 0x7c Less interlocks round cache instructions, relocatable reset
exception vector location.
January 3, 2007
4_0_* 4.0.0 / 0x80 New UserLocal register, alias-proof I-cache hit-invalidate
operation, can wait with interrupts disabled.
October 31, 2007
4_1_* 4.1.0 / 0x84 Errata fixes January, 2009

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