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List of router firmware projects

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Router Firmware Projects[edit]

TP Firmware[edit]

OpenWrt (unofficially), OpenWrt (Unofficially) • OpenWrt (unofficially)
OpenWrt (White Russian)
OpenWrt (Kamikaze)
OpenWrt (Backfire)
OpenWrt (Attitude Adjustment) • (AA)
OpenWrt (Barrier Breaker) • (BB)
OpenWrt (Chaos Calmer) • (CC)
OpenWrt (Designated Driver) • (DD)
LEDE (unofficially), LEDE project (unofficially) • LEDE Project (unofficially)

Asuswrt-Merlin, AsusWrt-Merlin, AsusWRT-Merlin, ASUSWRT-Merlin

wl500g @ GoogleCode, wl500g @ googlecode, wl500g @ GitHub

  • Padavan (WiP), Padavan (+ac) • Padavan (WiP) • (List)
  • Padavan-ng (Linaro), Padavan (fork), Padavan (mod) • Padavan-ng (Linaro)
  • Padavan (unofficially), Padavan (Unofficially) • Padavan (unofficially)


Project Parent project Software license Downloads Latest release
OpenWrt Linux GPL, etc OpenWrt 2018-08-18
OpenWrt GPL, etc - 2018 - Merged
with OpenWrt
DD-WRT OpenWrt - Downloads 2018-08-22
libreCMC OpenWrt - Downloads 2019-01-12
DebWRT OpenWrt, Debian - Downloads 2017-01-02
OpenWrt - Downloads 2014-10-13
HyperWRT Linux GPL Abandoned 2005-02-07
(Jonathan Zarate)
HyperWRT GPL Downloads 2010-06-28
(Teddy Bear)
Tomato GPL Downloads 2010-11-30
TomatoUSB GPL Downloads 2017-05-08
FreshTomato Tomato (Shibby) GPL Downloads 2019-01-10

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