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Identifying manufacturer board P/Ns

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This page shows some examples and the general format of some P/Ns or other distinguishing features attributed to various manufacturers.

Assume any information on this page is page is correct at your own risk.

AboCom (200 tagged devices)[edit]

Taiwanese manufacturer - they've been around for a while.


P/N on the Hawking HWR54G (original)

Accton / Arcadyan / AWB / etc (857 tagged devices)[edit]

Accton has manufactured a large amount of products, including Microsoft's old 802.11 (and non) networking line.

Arcadyan was formed as a joint venture between Philips and Accton [1].

AWB is an off-shoot of the Accton Group.

ALFA Network is an Accton Group partner [2], their newer devices seem to be mostly Accton manuf'ed.

These devices usually have silkscreened text along the lines of "P/N: 141"<4 digit numeric P/N><6 other digits / characters>, followed by, presumably, the revision, as well as a RoHS notice (for newer, post-RoHS units).


The newer AWUS036H board Belkin F9L1106v1's board, Arcadyan labels + text present

Alpha Networks (613 tagged devices)[edit]

Alpha Networks was once the manufacturing arm of D-Link. They split off around 2003.

They still manufacture many of D-Link's products (as well as those of numerous others).

Generally, text of 8<TYPE CODE><802.11 capability code>(some dots)<REVISION> (assuming any of that is correct) can be found on Alpha produced 802.11 gear.

At least some type codes seem to be as follows...

  • RG - residential gateway <??> / router
  • WRG - wireless gateway / wireless router
  • WAP - wireless access point
  • WMP - wireless adapter, 16-bit PCMCIA (generally not) or Mini PCI (mostly)
  • WCB - wireless adapter, CardBus
  • WUS - wireless adapter, USB
  • WPC - wireless adapter, PCI / PCIe
  • WMC - wireless adapter, Mini PCIe

802.11 capability codes are probably the following...

  • B - 802.11b
  • G - 802.11g
  • A - 802.11a or 802.11a/ac
  • D - 802.11a/b/g
  • AB - 802.11a/b
  • N - 802.11b/g/n
  • ND - 802.11a/b/g/n


P/N on an Airlink101 AR680W P/N on a D-Link TM-G5240 P/N on a WD My Net N750

AMIT (145 tagged devices)[edit]

AMIT has been around since 802.11 products have been marketed. They commonly manufacture 3G/4G modem-routers for various companies.. and manufactured a variety of products in the past.

Newer AMIT boards are frequently marked with a long alphanumeric string starting with 11340.


Ancient P/N format on the > 10 year old D-Link DI-713P P/N on an Airlink101 AR360W3G (WMQ138AM) P/N on a ZALIP CDM530AM P/N on a LevelOne WBR-3406TX v2

Askey (350 tagged devices)[edit]


P/N on the ASUS DSL-N10 Askey typical MAC label on a Linksys WCG200 wireless module P/N on a Belkin F5D8230-4 v2

B-LINK (14 tagged devices)[edit]

Chinese manufacturer - many of their wireless modules are bundled into low cost devices and their stuff is frequently found on eBay and elsewhere


P/N on a RT2571 dongle Casing for an RT3070 adapter and the board of that RT3070 adapter

Billion (16 tagged devices)[edit]


P/N on the BEC Technologies 7300 GT Quick Eagle DL700's board

Cameo (650 tagged devices)[edit]

Cameo has been around for a while, and has made routers for a wide variety of companies. D-Link devices are commonly manufactured by them (and most old D-Link devices were manufactured by Global Sun Tech, a company acquired by Cameo).

A lead-free logo (RoHS woo) is usually featured prominently on their boards.

If there is a numeric P/N, it will frequently start with 2151.

Plotech has commonly manufactured their PCBs in the past.


Lead-free logo on the TRENDnet TEW-651BR v2.1 Lead-free logo, P/N, and partially obscured Plotech logo on the Fry's FR-300RTR The D-Link DIR-600's board (w/ Plotech logo, lead-free logo, and 2151x P/N On the TRENDnet TEW-643PI's board

CyberTAN (469 tagged devices)[edit]

CyberTAN is a common manufacturer, perhaps most recognizable for manufacturing many Linksys products (including most of the venerable WRT54G series).


P/N on the ZyXEL G-405 P/N on the Linksys E1000

DareGlobal (41 tagged devices)[edit]

DareGlobal is a common DSL modem manufacturer.

Generally, silkscreened text of "PWB:"<........> and "DAT:"<........ (date code)> is found on their boards.


text on the Zoom 5754's board

Delta Networks (381 tagged devices)[edit]

Delta Networks is one of Netgear's primary manufacturers, but they also manufacture stuff for a multitude of other companies.


early model P/N format on a LM-WP100 rebrand Delta P/N on an IBM DR-E200W P/N on a Netgear MA101

Edimax (522 tagged devices)[edit]


P/N on the Hercules HWGUSB2-54V2-AP USB dongle P/N on the Edimax BR-6478AC P/N on the Belkin F5D7230-4 v9

Foxconn (+ Ambit Microsystems) (711 tagged devices)[edit]

Most people have probably heard of Foxconn. Ambit was absorbed into Foxconn.

Hon Hai is the parent company of Foxconn.

Internal Foxconn / Ambit models generally seem to be 7 characters - <LETTER (T/U/J/F/M/...)><TWO DIGIT NUMBER><LETTER (L/H/Z/...)><THREE DIGIT NUMBER>, followed by the presumed revision / sub-model.


Ambit board label on the Orion 3000 cable modem The Orion 3000's board

Gemtek (925 tagged devices)[edit]

Gemtek is a prolific OEM/ODM. They've manufactured a large amount of products for many companies.

Generally, internal Gemtek P/Ns are in format of <TYPE (WAP = wireless access point, WRT = wireless router, etc)><PLATFORM MANUF (A = Atheros, B = Broadcom, R = Ralink, etc)>-<NUMERIC MODEL PORTION>_<VERSION>, and they are often silkscreened on the board.


P/N on the VEN401 STB AP P/N on the Dynex DX-NRUTER P/N on the Belkin F5D8235-4 v2 (v21xx) P/N on the VIZIO XWR100's board P/N on the Linksys WRV400's board P/N on a Linksys WUSB300N

Global Sun Technology (197 tagged devices)[edit]

Was once a major 802.11 independent OEM/ODM. Absorbed into CAMEO.


P/N on the D-Link DWL-120+ P/N on the D-Link DI-624 A1 P/N on the D-Link DI-614+'s wireless module

Lite-On (88 tagged devices)[edit]


P/N on the WN6502AH (HP)

Loopcomm (88 tagged devices)[edit]

.. is a Taiwanese OEM/ODM.


P/N on the Rosewill RNX-N2LX

Shenzhen Gongjin Electronics (75 tagged devices)[edit]

SGE makes a large quantity of DSL modems for several major companies.. as well as a variety of other products.


P/N on the Sagemcom F@st 1704 P/N on the D-Link DSL-2750B T1

Senao (361 tagged devices)[edit]

A Taiwan based manufacturer which has made numerous popular products. Their marketed brand is EnGenius.

P/Ns starting with 7016A are frequently on their boards. Typical Senao format labels may affixed to them.


Senao label on a NoGeekNeeded NGNHWI-N3

SerComm (563 tagged devices)[edit]

SerComm makes a large amount of kit.


P/N from the Diamond DSL642WLGv1 P/N from the OvisLink WN-200R (new style) SerComm label + text (obscured) on the Linksys WMA11B Netgear DGN1000's board SerComm label on the Netgear WNDA3200's board

Tenda (136 tagged devices)[edit]


Monoprice MW368R's board

TP-LINK / Proware (362 tagged devices)[edit]


none ATM

Wistron NeWeb Corp (WNC) (289 tagged devices)[edit]


Upside down P/N on the TPE-N150USB

Zioncom (289 tagged devices)[edit]

Chinese manufacturer - makes routers (mostly non-US distributed), USB dongles, etc


P/N on the Rosewill RNX-N600UBE's board On the ipTIME N8004R's board