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Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.[edit]


FCC ID: QISAP8130DN (2015-10-23)
FCC ID: QISAP8030DN (2018-07-17)
CPU: Qualcomm IPQ8074 @2.0GHz Quad Core Processor
WLAN: 802.11ax: 8x8 (5GHz) + 4x4 (2.4GHz)
LAN: 1x 10GbE + 1x 1GbE ports
FCC ID: QISAP7052DN (2018-07-23)
FCC ID: QISAP7050DE (2016-08-22)
FCC ID: QISAP6150DN (2018-07-23)
FCC ID: QISAP6050DN (2018-07-24)
FCC ID: QISAP6050DN6150DN (2016-12-14)
CPU: Qualcomm IPQ8068 &1.4GHz Dual Core
WLAN: 2x Qualcomm Atheros QCA9984 4T4R
LAN: 2x Broadcom B50612EB1KMLG PHY
FCC ID: QISAP5030DN (2016-01-05)
FCC ID: QISAP4130DN (2016-05-20)
FCC ID: QISAP4050DN-E (2018-07-02) • DE - BT
FCC ID: QISAP4050DN-HD (2016-08-22)
FCC ID: QISAP4030DN (2016-05-20)
FCC ID: QISAP2030DN (2017-01-20)
FCC ID: QISWE3200 (2018-09-05)
FCC ID: QISWS5200 (2018-04-27)

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