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HP MediaVault MV2120

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HP Media Vault MV2120
Availability: Discontinued

(Est.) release date: March 2008
(Est.) initial retail price (in USD): $299.99
Country of manuf.: China

Type: NAS

Power: 18.5 VDC, 3.5 A
Connector type: barrel plug

CPU1: Marvell 88F5182 (500 MHz)
FLA1: 512 KiB
0.5 MiB
524,288 B
4,096 Kib
4 Mib
4.882812e-4 GiB
(Macronix MX29LV400CTTC-70G)
RAM1: 128 MiB
134,217,728 B
1,048,576 Kib
131,072 KiB
1,024 Mib
0.125 GiB
(Hynix HY5PS121621CFP-Y5 × 2)

Expansion IFs: USB 2.0, SATA
USB ports: 2
SATA ports: 2
JTAG: yes, 20-pin header, unpopulated
Serial: yes, 10-pin header, (115200,8,N,1), CN4

ETH chip1: Marvell 88F5182
ETH chip2: Marvell MV88E1118
LAN speed: 1G
LAN ports: 1

Additional chips
CMOS Real Time Clock;NXP;PCF8563;;1;
Dual Step-Down Switch-Mode Power Supply Controller;Maxim;MAX8744E;;1;
4A, 26V, 380kHz Asynchronous Step-Down Converter;ANPEC;APW7080;;2;
1A Low Dropout Positive Voltage Regulator;ANPEC;APL1117;;2;
1MHz, 3A Peak Current-Limit Step-Down Regulator;Marvell;MVPG31;;2;
1MHz, 7.5A Peak Current-Limit Step-Down Regulator;Marvell;88PG877;;1;
30V N-Channel MOSFET;Alpha&Omega Semiconductor;AO4468;;2;
30V N-Channel Enhancement Mode FET;Alpha&Omega Semiconductor;AO4422;;1;
30V P-Channel Enhancement Mode FET;Alpha&Omega Semiconductor;AO4433;;1;
Hex Buffer and Driver With Open-Drain Outputs;Texas Instruments;SN74LVC07A;;1;
Dual Positive-Edge-Triggered D-Type Flip-Flop;Texas Instruments;SN74AHC74;;1;
12-Bit to 24-Bit Multiplexed D-Type Latch w/ 3-State Outputs;Texas Instruments;SN74ALVCH162260;;1;

Stock bootloader: U-Boot 1.1.4 Marvell 2.3.11

Stock FW OS: Linux LSP Version 2.2.2_HP_1_1

Third party firmware supported: Debian

Flags: RTC w/ battery backup

Ethernet OUI: 00:0A:E4

 CPU1 brandFLA1RAM1
HP MediaVault MV2020Broadcom4 MiB
4,194,304 B
32,768 Kib
4,096 KiB
32 Mib
0.00391 GiB
64 MiB
67,108,864 B
524,288 Kib
65,536 KiB
512 Mib
0.0625 GiB
HP MediaVault MV2120Marvell0.5 MiB
524,288 B
4,096 Kib
512 KiB
4 Mib
4.882812e-4 GiB
128 MiB
134,217,728 B
1,048,576 Kib
131,072 KiB
1,024 Mib
0.125 GiB
For a list of all currently documented Marvell chipsets with specifications, see Marvell.


HP MV2120 Media Vault


"P-D2 M/B", "06292-1" and "48.61N01.011"

are silkscreened on the board.