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Country of manuf.: China

Interface: USB

USB 2.0
Connector: Female B

ID: 0424:9514
Windows: USB\VID_0424&PID_9514

ID2: 0424:ec00
Windows: USB\VID_0424&PID_EC00

Size class: desktop

Actively powered

18.5 VDC, 3.5 A
Connector type: barrel

UHub Chip1: SMSC USB2514AEZG

UHub Chip2: SMSC LAN9513

Ports: 4

Power LED color / function tag: white

Flags: Audio in (3.5mm), Audio out (3.5 mm), Ethernet adapter, DisplayLink

HP HSTNN-Q05X USB Media Docking Station

  • 4 USB 2.0 Ports
  • 3.5mm Audio In
  • 3.5mm Audio Out
  • 10/100 Ethernet
  • VGA Video up to 1600x1200 24-bit color @85 Hz

The SMSC USB2514 controller Port 1 connects the SMSC 95XX Ethernet provided by the SMSC LAN9513 chip. Port 2 connects a DisplayLink DL-165 for VGA video. Port 3 connects to Conexant USB Audio. Port 4 connects the 4 USB Ports on the SMSC LAN9513 chip.

Additional Chips:

  • 30V P-Channel MOSFET;Fairchild Semiconductor;FDS9435A
  • Dual Step-Down Switch Mode Power Supply;Richtek;RT8206B
  • USB Power Distribution Switch;Global Mixed-mode Technology Inc;G5461
  • 10W Mono Audio Power Amplifier;Texas Instruments;TPA3111D1
  • 15W Stereo Audio Power Amplifier;Texas Instruments;TPA3110D2
  • 3 x Quad Low Power, Rail-to-Rail Input/Output Operational Amplifier;Texas Instruments;TLV2464
  • USB Speakers-on-a-Chip;Conexant;CX20562-15Z
  • 2K 2-Wire Serial EEPROM;Atmel;AT24HC02B
  • 4K 3-Wire Serial EEPROM;Atmel;AT93C66A
  • 16MB DRAM;Hynix;H5DU1262GTR-E3C
  • USB High Performance Virtual Graphics;DisplayLink;DL-165
  • 8K 2-Wire Serial EEPROM;Atmel;AT24C08A