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Gigabyte GN-WP01GS

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Gigabyte GN-WP01GS

FCC approval date: 03 June 2005

Interface: PCI

ID: 1814:0301 (13 addl. devices) SS: 1458:e934
Windows: PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_0301&SUBSYS_E9341458


WI1 chip1: Ralink RT2561

WI1 chip2: Ralink RT2527

Windows driver
possibly see MediaTek's website
older Ralink drivers have been removed.
see the Wayback Machine
for some older driver sets (filter by EXE/ZIP)

Antenna connector: RP-SMA


OUI: none specified

For a list of all currently documented Ralink chipsets with specifications, see Ralink.

AirCruiser G Desktop Adapter
Product page

Presumed to use RT2561+RT2527