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Gemtek P380A

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Gemtek P380 A
Availability: EoL

FCC approval date: 02 October 2002

Type: access point

Power: ? VDC, ? A

CPU1: Axis ETRAX 100LX
FLA1: 2 MiB
2,097,152 B
16,384 Kib
2,048 KiB
16 Mib
0.00195 GiB
(Brand? Model?)
RAM1: 8 MiB
8,388,608 B
65,536 Kib
8,192 KiB
64 Mib
0.00781 GiB
(Brand? Model?)

Expansion IFs: PCMCIA (16-bit) (non-standard connector)
PCMCIA slots: 1
Serial: yes, 3.3V TTL

WI1 module: Gemtek WL-375
WI1 module IF: PCMCIA (16-bit) (non-standard connector)
WI1 chip1: Intersil ISL3873B
WI1 chip2: Intersil ISL3685
WI1 802dot11 protocols: b
WI1 antenna connector: unknown

ETH chip1: Axis ETRAX 100LX
ETH chip2: Realtek RTL8201BL
LAN speed: 100M
LAN ports: 1


802dot11 OUI: none specified

Gemtek WL-375MXF-C901114
Linksys BEFW11S4 v2 (WL-375)MXF-C901114
SparkLAN WX-5801MXF-AD920429
 CPU1 brandWI1 chip1 brandWI1 chip2 brand
Gemtek P380AAxisIntersilIntersil
Gemtek P380NAxisIntersilIntersil
Axis not currently documented.
For a list of all currently documented Intersil chipsets with specifications, see Intersil.

Axis ETRAX CRIS on Wikipedia

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