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Espressif Systems[edit]


Offers IoT / low power WiSoC's.

Wi-Fi chips[edit]

ESP8000 family[edit]

  • ESP8089 - 802.11bgn IoT WiSOC,
Interfaces: SDIO/SPI/UART, 40nm
  • ESP8266 - 802.11bgn IoT WiSOC (2014)
Interfaces: SDIO 1.1/2.0, SPI, UART (ESP8266EX)
Datasheet more info

ESP6000 family[edit]

Lower power, based on ESP8000 family
  • ESP6203 - (2014)
  • AS5900 - weird 802.11 RFIC, 180nm
(translates WLAN signal to sub-1GHz for cable transmission)