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Entone Kamai 500 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Adapter

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Entone Kamai 500 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Adapter


FCC approval date: 25 July 2013

Interface: USB

USB 2.0
Connector: Male A
Form factor tags: external module

FCC ID: none available

WI1 chip1: Celeno-Ralink CLR250

Additional chips
2.4/5GHz Front End Module;Skyworks;SE5512L;SiGe, 5512L, 204EE;3;

Probable Linux driver
(see also passys)

Antenna connector: U.FL

abgn, 3x3:3

OUI: E0:91:53 (-, 2 W, 2009)

For a list of all currently documented Celeno chipsets with specifications, see Celeno.

Dual-band Wi-Fi Adapter

The CLR250 may possibly be somewhat similar to the RT3573..

The FCC sample label seems to indicate usage of a E0:91:53 (XAVi) OUI is used. It is presumed as such..