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Edimax Gemini RG21S

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Edimax Gemini RG21S 1.0A
Availability: now

FCC approval date: 08 March 2017
(Est.) release date: 13 April 2017
EAN: 4717964701114 (UPC DB, On eBay)
Country of manuf.: China

Type: wireless router

FCC ID: NDD9568771606
PCB ID: 1244-01001054-50Z

Power: 12 VDC, 1.5 A
Connector type: barrel

CPU1: MediaTek MT7621AT (880 MHz, 2 cores)
FLA1: 16 MiB
16,777,216 B
131,072 Kib
16,384 KiB
128 Mib
0.0156 GiB
(Brand? Model?)
FLA2: 2 MiB
2,097,152 B
16,384 Kib
2,048 KiB
16 Mib
0.00195 GiB
(Brand? NOR)
RAM1: 128 MiB
134,217,728 B
1,048,576 Kib
131,072 KiB
1,024 Mib
0.125 GiB
(Nanya NT5CC64M16GP-DI)

Expansion IFs: none specified

WI1 chip1: MediaTek MT7615N
WI1 802dot11 protocols: bgn
WI1 MIMO config: 4x4:4
WI1 antenna connector: U.FL, RP-SMA
WI2 chip1: MediaTek MT7615N
WI2 802dot11 protocols: an+ac
WI2 MIMO config: 4x4:4
WI2 antenna connector: U.FL, RP-SMA

ETH chip1: MediaTek MT7621AT
LAN speed: 1G
LAN ports: 4
WAN speed: 1G
WAN ports: 1


Flags: Wave2, MU-MIMO, 256QAM

Default IP address:
the IP is used by 1173 additional devices
of which 0 are Edimax devices
Default login user: admin
Default login password: 1234
admin:1234 credentials used by 170 additional devices
of which 72 are Edimax devices

802dot11 OUI: none specified

Comtrend WR-5931L9VWR5931
For a list of all currently documented MediaTek chipsets with specifications, see MediaTek.

1733Mbps - 4SS 5GHz 802.11ac (80MHz chan.),
800Mbps - 4SS 2.4GHz 802.11n (40MHz chan., 256QAM) = 2600 Mbps class

AC2600 MU-MIMO Home Wi-Fi Roaming Router

Product page  • Datasheet

"1244-01001054-50Z" is silkscreened on the board in the FCC photos.


  • Product class: AC2600 (800Mbps [2.4GHz] + 1733Mbps [5GHz])
  • Antennas: 4x external high-gain antenna
  • Ports: 1x GbE WAN, 4x GbE LAN
  • Vendor firmware features: MU-MIMO, Guest Network,
VPN server: OpenVPN Server
  • Vendor firmware operation modes: wireless router, access point


Forum threads[edit]

  • CPU: MediaTek MT7621AT @880MHz Dual Core
  • Flash: 16MB (NOR) Flash
  • RAM: Nanya NT5CC64M16GP-DI (128MB DDR3)
  • WLAN: 2x MediaTek MT7615N 4T4R 802.11abgn/ac