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Dell Wireless 1530 (DW1530)

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Dell Wireless 1530 (DW1530)
Availability: common

Manuf/OEM/ODM Foxconn U40Z028

FCC approval date: 17 December 2010
Country of manuf.: China

Amazon image

B0188D14TG (Flag of the United States.svg, On Amazon, On CCC)

Interface: Mini PCIe (half)

ID: 14e4:4359 (7 addl. devices) SS: 1028:0011
Windows: PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_4359&SUBSYS_00111028

Industry Canada ID: 4324A-BRCM1054

WI1 chip1: Broadcom BCM43228

Antenna connector: U.FL

abgn, 2x2:2

OUI: 38:59:F9 (-, 8 W, 2009), 60:D8:19 (-, 4 W, 2010), 64:27:37 (-, 7 W, 2011), 68:94:23 (-, 4 W, 2011), 84:4B:F5 (-, 5 W, 2010), A4:17:31 (2 E, 8 W, 2011), C0:F8:DA (-, 5 W, 2009), CC:AF:78 (-, 7 W, 2009)

Broadcom BCM943228HM4LQDS-BRCM1054
Dell Wireless 1540 (DW1540)QDS-BRCM1054
Foxconn U40Z028QDS-BRCM1054
Ubee DVW324XCNDVW324
Ubee DVW325XCNDVW325
For a list of all currently documented Broadcom chipsets with specifications, see Broadcom.

Dell Wireless 1530 - Wireless-N WLAN Mini-Card

Support page

DW1530 / DW 1530

May be used in the following laptops..

  • Latitude E5420
  • Latitude E5520
  • Latitude E6320
  • Latitude E6420
  • Latitude E6420 ATG
  • Latitude E6420 XFR
  • Latitude E6520
  • Latitude XT3 (P17G)
  • Precision M4600
  • Precision M6600

Presumed to also use a A4:17:31 OUI like the one pictured in the Ubee DVW325

lspci -nnv dump[edit]

05:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Broadcom BCM43228 802.11a/b/g/n [14e4:4359]
        Subsystem: Dell Wireless 1530 Half-size Mini PCIe Card [1028:0011]
        Physical Slot: 1
        Flags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 19
        Memory at f1d00000 (64-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=16K]
        Capabilities: [40] Power Management version 3
        Capabilities: [58] Vendor Specific Information: Len=78 <?>
        Capabilities: [48] MSI: Enable- Count=1/1 Maskable- 64bit+
        Capabilities: [d0] Express Endpoint, MSI 00
        Capabilities: [100] Advanced Error Reporting
        Capabilities: [13c] Virtual Channel
        Capabilities: [160] Device Serial Number 00-00-f9-ff-ff-c0-38-59
        Capabilities: [16c] Power Budgeting <?>
        Kernel driver in use: bcma-pci-bridge

bcma info dump[edit]

bcma: bus1: Found chip with id 0xA8DC, rev 0x00 and package 0x08
bcma: bus1: Core 0 found: ChipCommon (manuf 0x4BF, id 0x800, rev 0x25, class 0x0)
bcma: bus1: Core 1 found: IEEE 802.11 (manuf 0x4BF, id 0x812, rev 0x1E, class 0x0)
bcma: bus1: Core 2 found: PCIe (manuf 0x4BF, id 0x820, rev 0x12, class 0x0)
bcma: bus1: Core 3 found: SDIO Device (manuf 0x4BF, id 0x829, rev 0x07, class 0x0)


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