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D-Link DWL-G520i

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D-Link DWL-G520i

Manuf/OEM/ODM Alpha Networks

FCC approval date: 19 April 2004

Interface: PCI

PCI 2.2

FCC ID: RRK-P0603038
Industry Canada ID: 4833A-P0603038

WI1 chip1: Intel Model?

WI1 chip2: Intel 82532RGE

Probable Linux driver
ipw2200 (in backports) and ipw2200-ap
(see also passys)

Antenna connector: U.FL


OUI: none specified

D-Link DWL-G520eRRK-P0603038
For a list of all currently documented Intel chipsets with specifications, see Intel.

This FCC ID would appear cover models DWL-G520i (internal PIFA antennas, via U.FL) and DWL-G520e (external dipole antenna, via an unknown coaxial connector). It may have been unreleased or bundled only with certain (desktop) computers.. it certainly was not widely released.

A sticker with "CX2 WLAN 11 b/g PCI Card", "Alpha Networks Inc.", and "Made in Taiwan" printed on it is affixed to the back of the card in the FCC photos.

The FCC test report notes the module used as the Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG (WM3B2200BG).

It will be assumed that this device will be able to use drivers supporting ipw2200.

Additional specifications, per the FCC manual, follow..

Typical Receiver Sensitivity w/ 11b rates (PER = 0.08) (more)

  • -89 dBm @ 1M
  • -86 dBm @ 2M
  • -85 dBm @ 5.5M
  • -82 dBm @ 11M

Typical Receiver Sensitivity w/ 11g rates (PER = 0.10) (more)

  • -88 dBm @ 6M (BPSK)
  • -87 dBm @ 9M (BPSK)
  • -84 dBm @ 12M (QPSK)
  • -82 dBm @ 18M (QPSK)
  • -79 dBm @ 24M (16-QAM)
  • -75 dBm @ 36M (16-QAM)
  • -68 dBm @ 48M (64-QAM)
  • -68 dBm @ 54M (64-QAM)