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D-Link DSL-G604T

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D-Link DSL-G604T A1

FCC approval date: 19 March 2004

Type: wireless router, dsl modem

FCC ID: RRK20031200281

Power: ? VDC, ? A

CPU1: Texas Instruments TNETD7300 (150 MHz)
FLA1: 4 MiB
4,194,304 B
32,768 Kib
4,096 KiB
32 Mib
0.00391 GiB
(Atmel AT49BV322A-70TI)
RAM1: 16 MiB
16,777,216 B
131,072 Kib
16,384 KiB
128 Mib
0.0156 GiB
(ICSI IC42S16800-7T)

Expansion IFs: Mini PCI
Mini PCI slots: 1

WI1 module: Alpha Networks WMP-G04
WI1 module IF: Mini PCI
WI1 chip1: Texas Instruments TNETW1130
WI1 chip2: Texas Instruments Model?
WI1 802dot11 protocols: bg
WI1 antenna connector: none

ETH chip1: Brand? Model?
Switch: IC+ IP175A
LAN speed: 100M
LAN ports: 4


Stock bootloader: ADAM2 0.22.02

Stock FW OS: Linux 2.4.17_mvl21-malta-mips_fp_le MontaVista

Third party firmware supported: RouterTech

Flags: ADSL2+

Default IP address:
the IP is used by 1165 additional devices
of which 25 are D-Link devices
Default login user: admin
Default login password: admin
admin:admin credentials used by 1200 additional devices
of which 60 are D-Link devices

802dot11 OUI: 00:11:95 (11 E, 22 W, 2004)
Ethernet OUI: 00:11:95 (11 E, 22 W, 2004)

Alpha Networks WMP-G04RRK20031200281
D-Link VWR-VR rev B1RRK20031200281
For a list of all currently documented Texas Instruments chipsets with specifications, see Texas Instruments.

The FCC ID on the label appears to be invalid (RRK-2003120028-1). The correct FCC ID has no dash.

The wireless card is behind a soldered on metal shell. CPU is part TNETD7300GDU.

The default SSID may be ADSL-WIRELESS (perhaps, or perhaps only with certain providers).

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