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D-Link DIR-100 rev B1

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D-Link DIR-100 B1
Availability: no longer sold

Manuf/OEM/ODM Alpha Networks RG-10

(Est.) release date: March 2010
Country of manuf.: China

Type: router

Power: 5 VDC, 1.2 A
Connector type: barrel
Conn. measurements: 5.5 mm (OD), 1.5 mm (ID), 10 mm (LEN)

CPU1: WavePlus WP3221
FLA1: 1 MiB
1,048,576 B
8,192 Kib
1,024 KiB
8 Mib
9.765625e-4 GiB
(Eon EN29LV800CB-70TIP)
RAM1: 8 MiB
8,388,608 B
65,536 Kib
8,192 KiB
64 Mib
0.00781 GiB
(ESMT M12L64164A-7TG)

Expansion IFs: none specified
JTAG: none
Serial: yes, 3.3V TTL

ETH chip1: WavePlus WP3221
Switch: WavePlus WP3221
LAN speed: 100M
LAN ports: 4
WAN speed: 100M
WAN ports: 1

Default IP address:
the IP is used by 738 additional devices
of which 209 are D-Link devices
Default login user: admin
Default login password: blank
admin:blank credentials used by 316 additional devices
of which 180 are D-Link devices

Ethernet OUI: F0:7D:68 (3 E, 6 W, 2009)

 CPU1 brandFLA1RAM1
D-Link DIR-100 rev ARealtek2 MiB
2,097,152 B
16,384 Kib
2,048 KiB
16 Mib
0.00195 GiB
16 MiB
16,777,216 B
131,072 Kib
16,384 KiB
128 Mib
0.0156 GiB
D-Link DIR-100 rev B1WavePlus1 MiB
1,048,576 B
8,192 Kib
1,024 KiB
8 Mib
9.765625e-4 GiB
8 MiB
8,388,608 B
65,536 Kib
8,192 KiB
64 Mib
0.00781 GiB
For a list of all currently documented WavePlus chipsets with specifications, see WavePlus.


Ethernet Broadband Router - Triple Play Router

  • The D-Link DIR-100 is a wired router with 1x WAN and 4x LAN ports.
D-link issued firmwares for the DIR-100 with different features: router,
802.1q VLAN management switch and "Triple Play Router" (router and IP media receiver).
  • The DIR-100 may be configured via HTTP, telnet or serial port using CLI
(Common Language Interface, example:


  • OEM Alpha Networks model RG-10
"8RG10....2A1G" and a date code of 1010 (March 2010) is silkscreened on the board.
  • The SoC used is in a QFP package w/ 128 pins, a firmware string of
"Waveplus" would seem to indicate the device uses a WavePlus SoC..
which I am assuming is WP3221 (there appears to be a datasheet of the chip here)
  • RAM chip is 1M x 16 Bit x 4 Banks, frequency 143 MHz, look at the M12L64164A datasheet.
  • Flash chip is 8 Mbit with an access time of 70 ns.


TTL 3.3V serial port.

Speed: 115200 baud, data bits: 8, parity: none, stop bit: 1, flow control: none.


JP1 is the serial port.

1   2 3 4
  1. RX
  2. +3.3V
  3. Ground
  4. TX


Label on case LAN4 LAN3 LAN2 LAN1 WAN
Internal name P0 P1 P2 P3 P4

Boot log[edit]

Console output:

WP3221 Rev 01

SDRAM TD: 03,  Bus: 16,  Bank: 02,  Row: 0c,  Col: 
08,  CS: 1
SDRAM Size: 0x00800000
WP3220 LOADER V1.5.26 20071030,D-Link
Ver  :
EthIf: 1
Run  : flash
BUF  : 10140000 SIZE=70000 SRC=a0010000
MAC  : F0:7D:68:5A:89:68 F0:7D:68:5A:89:69 00:DE:AD:BE:EF:FC 
VLAN : 0
SerNo: 12345678

NET BUF: b03ec000, 2KB x 16
progmac: 20:D9:20:D9:20:D9
if322x_init: done

Run  : flash  [Y] 
loading 0x7d690 bytes from a0010000 to 0x10140000
Goto 0x10140000!!!

Next does OS boot.


Back view
Board top view
Board bottom view