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Broadcom BMIPS4350[edit]

Broadcom BMIPS4350 ("VIPER") Processors
Broadcom BCM6318 - BMIPS3300 v3.3
Broadcom BCM6328 - BMIPS4350 v7.5
Broadcom BCM63281 - BMIPS4350
Broadcom BCM63283 - BMIPS4350
Broadcom BCM6348 - BMIPS3300 v0.7
Broadcom BCM6358 - BMIPS4350 v1.0 (2x)
Broadcom BCM6368 - BMIPS4350 v3.1 (2x)
Broadcom BCM63168 - BMIPS4350 v8.0 (2x)
Broadcom BCM63268 - BMIPS4350 (2x)

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