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Atheros AR6002

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  • Manufacturer: Atheros
  • Part name: AR6002
  • Type: chip
  • Interface: SDIO, GSPI
  • IEEE 802.11 PHY Modes: a, b,g
  • CPU: Xtensa
  • JTAG: Test, ICE
  • Operating temperature range: -40 to 85 C°
  • Available in 7 x 7 mm BGA package with 0.5 mm pitch or WLCSP package with 0.4 mm pitch

CPU Xtensa[edit]

A 32-bit text book style RISC core with five-stage pipeline. It also supports 16- and 24-bit instruction encoding. This CPU has a total physical address space of 22 bits that covers 256 KB of register space, and 3.75 MB of memory address space that includes internal ROM, internal SRAM, and external memory (reserved). The AR6002G CPU and memory sub-system is designed for power and area efficiency, and flexibility to support various applications (i.e., ROM code patching, a test access port (TAP) controller that uses the standard five-wire JTAG I/F for on-chip debugging, etc.)