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Apple iPhone 4S (A1387)

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Apple iPhone 4S

Manuf/OEM/ODM Foxconn

FCC approval date: 04 October 2011
Country of manuf.: China

Amazon image

B005SSAXSI (Flag of the United States.svg, On Amazon, On CCC)

Industry Canada ID: 579C-E2430A

Power: ? VDC, ? A

CPU1: Apple A5
CPU2: Qualcomm MDM6610
FLA1: 16 GiB
16,384 MiB
17,179,869,184 B
134,217,728 Kib
16,777,216 KiB
131,072 Mib
(Toshiba THGVX1G7D2GLA08)
RAM1: 512 MiB
536,870,912 B
4,194,304 Kib
524,288 KiB
4,096 Mib
0.5 GiB
(Samsung K3PE4E400B-XGC1)

802dot11 WI1 module: Murata SW SS1830010
802dot11 WI1 module IF: unknown

802dot11 WI1 chip 1: Broadcom BCM4330

bgn, 1x1:1

Additional chips
Cellular RF Transceiver;Qualcomm;RTR8605;
Cellular Power Amplifier;Avago;ACPM-7181;
Load-Insensitive Power Amplifier module;Skyworks;SKY77464-20;
WCDMA / HSUPA PA-Duplexer Module;TriQuint;TQM666052;
Cellular SAW filter;TriQuint;TQM9M9030;
power management IC;Qualcomm;PM8028;
Power Management IC;Apple;338S0973;
Touchscreen controller;Texas Instruments;343S0538;
Gyroscope;STMicroelectronics;unknown;AGD8 2135 LUSDI;
3-axis accelerometer;STMicroelectronics;unknown;8134 33DH 00D35;
Audio codec;Apple;338S0987 B0FL1129 SGP;

Categorized as: smartphone

Stock OS / FW: iOS

Teardown on iFixit

device is using a Qualcomm MDM6610 Celluar baseband

Teardown on TechInsights

indicates the Murata module uses BCM4330

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