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Airlink101 AR360W3G

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Airlink101 AR360W3G


FCC approval date: 07 June 2006
(Est.) release date: 21 April 2008
UPC: 658729080386 (UPC DB, On eBay)
Country of manuf.: China

Amazon image

B00186CEF4 (Flag of the United States.svg, On Amazon, On CCC)

Type: wireless router


Power: 5 VDC, 3 A
Connector type: barrel

CPU1: AMRISC 20000
FLA1: 4 MiB
4,194,304 B
32,768 Kib
4,096 KiB
32 Mib
0.00391 GiB
(Eon EN29LV320T-70TCP)
RAM1: 32 MiB
33,554,432 B
262,144 Kib
32,768 KiB
256 Mib
0.0313 GiB
(ISSI IS42S16160B-6T)

Expansion IFs: PCMCIA (32-bit), Mini PCI
PCMCIA slots: 1
Mini PCI slots: 1

WI1 module: AMIT WL533MAM
WI1 module IF: Mini PCI
WI1 chip1: Ralink RT2561S
WI1 chip2: Ralink RT2527
WI1 802dot11 protocols: bg
WI1 antenna connector: RP-SMA

ETH chip1: AMRISC 20000
ETH chip2: IC+ IP101A
ETH chip3: IC+ IP101A
LAN speed: 100M
LAN ports: 1
WAN speed: 100M
WAN ports: 1


Flags: 3G capable

Default SSID: default (97 addl. devices)
Default IP address:
the IP is used by 1173 additional devices
of which 12 are Airlink101 devices
Default login user: blank
Default login password: admin
blank:admin credentials used by 279 additional devices
of which 5 are Airlink101 devices

802dot11 OUI: 00:50:18 (14 E, 13 W, 2009)
Ethernet OUI: 00:50:18 (14 E, 13 W, 2009)

For a list of all currently documented AMRISC (RDC) SoC's with specifications, see AMRISC.
For a list of all currently documented Ralink chipsets with specifications, see Ralink.

Product page


The default SSID appears to be default.

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