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AMPAK Technology Inc.[edit]

AMPAK combines Broadcom Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips in single modules.


WICED BCM943362WCD4 WiSoC (MCU ARM Cortex-M3) (02d0:a962 3.14+) • AMPAK WSDB-720GN

AMPAK Devices[edit]

Device Type SDIO/USB id Chip, module sunxi-3.4 kernel Mainline kernel
AP6181 SDIO/UART 02d0:a962 BCM43362 bcmdhd brcmfmac
AP6210 SDIO/UART 02d0:a962 BCM43362 bcmdhd brcmfmac
AP6212 SDIO/UART 02d0:a9a6 BCM43430 brcmfmac
AP6234A SDIO/UART 02d0:a94c BCM43340 brcmfmac
AP6255 SDIO/UART 02d0:4345 BCM43455 brcmfmac
AP6330 SDIO/UART 02d0:4330 BCM4330/BCM40183 brcmfmac
AP6335 SDIO/UART 02d0:4335 BCM4335/BCM4339 brcmfmac

SDIO devices[edit]

Name		Device ID		Notes
BCM43143	02d0:a887 (0xA887)
BCM43241	02d0:4324 (0x4324)	
BCM4329		02d0:4329 (0x4329)	
BCM4330		02d0:4330 (0x4330)	
BCM4334		02d0:4334 (0x4334)	
BCM43340	02d0:a94c (0xA94C)	Supported in 4.0+
BCM43341	02d0:a94d (0xA94D)	Supported in 4.0+
BCM4335		02d0:4335 (0x4335)	
BCM4339		02d0:4335 (0x4335)	Supported in 3.13+
BCM43362	02d0:a962 (0xA962)	Supported in 3.14+
BCM43430	02d0:a9a6 (0xA9A6)	Supported in 4.1+
BCM43455	02d0:4345 (0x4345)	Supported in 4.1+
BCM4354		02d0:4354 (0x4354)	Supported in 3.15+
BCM4345		02d0:4345 (0x4345)	Older version of BCM43455 (unsupported)