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3Com 3C509B-TPO

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3Com 3C509B-TPO A

FCC approval date: 15 November 1994
(Est.) release date: 1995
Country of manuf.: USA

Amazon image

B006N0XA2Q (Flag of the United States.svg, On Amazon, On CCC)

Interface: ISA

ID: PnP device ID string: 3Com 3C509B EtherLink III


Chip 1: 3Com 40-0130-003

Linux driver

Ethernet ports: 1
Ethernet connector: 8P8C
Ethernet speed capability: 10
Auto-MDIX capability unspecified

Power LED color / function tag
Media connection/activity LED color / function tag
Media speed LED color / function tag
Media duplex LED color / function tag

Flags: Has Boot ROM socket

OUI: 00:A0:24 (1 E, -, 1994)

3Com EtherLink III

The 3Com logo (big), "EtherLink III", "(C) 1995", "FCC ID: DF63C509B-TPO", a CE and VCI logo, "U.S. Patents: 5,307,459" is silkscreened on the left (top) side of the board.

"3C509B-TPO", "10 Mbps Signalling Rate", and "ASSY: 03-0020-"<printed 004>" REV-"<printed A> is
"FAB: 02-0020-004 REV B" is silkscreened on the board under the Ethernet transformer.
The Ethernet controller is labeled with...
  • Parallel Tasking
  • 3Com
  • 40-0130-003
  • 9614S 04310892
  • AT&T 40-01303